My Lisbon Guide| Fábrica dos Sabores

There’s nothing better than taking a Spring break and head to Lisbon, where the weather is way warmer than in London. And you know what my visits to Lisbon mean, more suggestions of places to visit, but specially to eat.


This is the first time I’ve been to Fábrica dos Sabores, an artisan bakery in the city centre. It was Sunday around noon on a very sunny day, which usually means that whenever you go, it will be full of people hanging around. Which makes it harder to find a table anywhere in the city.


But I guess that’s how you prove if a place is good or not. If they can handle the pressure while delivering amazing service, than I’ll most certainly come back.


Fábrica dos Sabores was full, but the staff was very effective and nice. They found us a table straight away and our food didn’t even take 10 minutes to arrive.


I ordered a delicious Bagel with smoked Salmon. I wish I was still eating it right now. My sister went for a great beef burger and my mom tried the light Foccacia, which was quite big, so nothing light about that! And for dessert, I’ll let the photograph speak for itself.


I had a few unfortunate experiences when it comes to restaurants and coffee places on my last visit to Lisbon, but I must say that this was definitely not one of them. Will go back very soon.


Visit Fábrica dos Sabores’s page here.

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H10 Duque de Loulé Rooftop

You don’t need to leave the city to enjoy the splendid summer sunsets. Here is a suggestion for your evenings in Lisbon.

 photo IMG_0544_zpsunt04brr.jpg

 photo IMG_0545_zpsfeashiji.jpg

H10 Duque de Loulé rooftop is a place where you can have a cocktail with your friends while enjoying the beautiful views of the city. The design is quite chic and the service very fast.

 photo IMG_0546_zpsthancjem.jpg

 photo IMG_0556_zpsckkoiiul.jpg

I visited this rooftop bar for the first time after a long and hot day of work. Hearing foreign people talking about how amazing my country is while I enjoy a juice with my friend is something that makes me think “you’re in the right place”. For more information about this rooftop click on the Zomato box.

 photo IMG_0549_zpsw3tkuvdd.jpg

 photo IMG_0552_zpsidhkmzxq.jpg

 photo IMG_0542_zps0awk55ab.jpg

 photo IMG_0548_zps7ox1ajas.jpg

I’ll be doing a few more reviews of rooftops in Lisbon, so stay tuned and enjoy your holidays!

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Just roll with it|Nagoya

Nagoya is the restaurant where you’re going to have sushi rolls and you end up rolling down the street. I’m not joking.

For a specific price, 14,90€  at lunch and 19€ at dinner, you can try everything you want on the menu and if usually quantity doesn’t mean quality, here is your exception! Salmon comes from Norway and everything is put up on the table like art. And who says sushi isn’t art should sit on a corner and think about it a few times.

 photo IMG_0986_zpsd7ntlawy.jpg

 photo IMG_0984_zpsfaeknqcx.jpg

 photo IMG_0987_zpsd7edfuls.jpg

I won’t be eating for a few days after last night’s dinner, but it was totally worth the experience. So I strongly advise you to try it and bring your sushi lovers’ friends, and the ones who don’t like sushi too and make them taste it again!

 photo IMG_0985_zps0vvayxqf.jpg

Note: If you enjoy sushi but the person with you doesn’t, there is other kind of food on the menu. Or you can simply just invite me to go with you.

There are 13 Nagoya restaurants in Portugal, but I tried the one at Marquês de Pombal.

Contact Details

Address:  Avenida António Augusto de Aguiar, 24 A,
Marquês de Pombal, Lisboa
Telephone: +351 213 572 084

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