Thrill Grill Amsterdam

This is the last Amsterdam post and I would be sad if it weren’t for all of the other travel posts on the queue.

On our last day in Amsterdam, right a few hours before we took our flight back to London, we made sure we had a decent meal in a nice place, just like all of the other days in the city.

So that’s when I read about Thrill Grill and its Michelin-starred chef Robert Kranenborg who is known for his many experiments in the culinary field. The restaurant has an amazing wood-fire oven and the food was unquestionably one of my top 10 meals.

I must say the only thing I didn’t enjoy about the restaurant was how cold it was! They really need to get some heaters turned on, especially during these cold months in Amsterdam. I would definitely enjoy the meal even more if I was warmer.

We’ve ordered the classic beef thriller with gouda cheese and André went for the Steak and Fries, the best he has ever had, he said.

The food was so delicious we had to go and compliment the chef before leaving the restaurant.

You can check prices and opening times at Thrill Grill on TripAdvisor

And with this post I say goodbye to Amsterdam, hope to see you very soon but with warmer weather. Next time I’ll take the risk and hope on a bike. It’s a promise.

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Anne Frank House| Amsterdam

Anne Frank’s story is pretty well known worldwide and I remember reading her diary when I was only 15 years old and being already very shocked with all the events. Now 13 years later, visiting The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam had a really big impact on me.

Of course, as we get older we see things differently and understand every little detail, but this was a very special experience that I believe everyone should go through.

The Anne Frank House was established on 3 May 1957 in cooperation with Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s father. They are an independent non-profit organisation that runs a museum in the house where Anne Frank went into hiding and their goal is to increase awareness of Anne’s life story all over the world.

We were not allowed to take photos inside and there was no point on doing it because you wouldn’t be able to feel it through the photos. You need to be there and I recommend you do it after reading her diary and the story in her own words. They have a guide during the visit and they will explain everything to you, but I believe it would be more impactful for you if you know the story already and then let the guide be your reminder during the house tour.

If you want to know more, such as prices, opening times, etc, visit The Anne Frank House on TripAdvisor.

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Searching for Italian Cuisine in London |Vapiano review

You’re spending the day in London and you want to have something quick for lunch, but not so quick that it will lose the quality and taste. You still want the restaurant to be nice and cool, even though you’re not spending too much time in there, after all, you’re in London.

unnamed (1)

So here’s my suggestion – Vapiano restaurant in Great Portland Street ticked all the boxes.

My sister and I are big fans of Italian Cuisine, so Vapiano has been on our list for a few months now and we finally had the chance to try it!

unnamed (3)

The service was great and quick, and the prices are extremely affordable compared to the quality of the food.

You get to see the pasta being made right in front of you and the options are endless. I’ve ordered the Gamberetti e spinaci pasta that consists of king prawns, cherry tomatoes, basil pesto, onions, spinach, cream and Grana Padano. My sister went for the bolognese pasta with homemade classic beef sauce with onions and carrots.

unnamed (4)

We ended up having more than we should, so instead of going straight back to our walk in London, we just stayed a few more minutes in the restaurant taking pictures at their nice decoration.

unnamed (2)

Visit Vapiano on TripAdvisor  for a full menu, opening hours and more information.

Any other Italian restaurant recommendations in London? Leave them in a comment below!

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