Going Back to Paradise|Tróia

This is not the first time I write about Tróia on the blog. The first post was in 2015, while I was still living in Portugal and Tróia was one of my frequent visited beaches.


Now I don’t have the option to visit it so frequently, which somehow makes the visits even greater. It’s always good to come back to this relaxing peninsula located in Grândola Municipality, Portugal, next to the Sado River estuary.



To me, this is one of the most beautiful coastlines of Portugal, with a 13km stretch of pristine sands, crystal clear waters and pine forested sand dunes. The beaches aren’t as crowded as the ones in Arrábida, which makes the whole experience even better.


I usually take the ferry ride across the cooling water of the Sado estuary, while looking for dolphins. But if you definitely want to see the dolphins then you need to try Vertigem Azul’s Sunset Party, which I wrote about in this post.


So my advice to you is, go visit the scenic and unspoilt eastern shoreline of Tróia. The deserted beaches are a true chance to escape from it all.



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Palácio da Comenda

Yes it’s a Palace, and yes you can buy it. 50 million euros and it’s sold!

 photo IMG_5700_zpsisqiqaar.jpg

 photo IMG_5621_zpsxymwtpuo.jpg

 photo IMG_5806_zps5anxj1sv.jpg

This former royal palace of the eighteenth century it’s situated in Serra da Arrábida, Setúbal and offers spectacular views!

 photo IMG_5701_zps5yae8osq.jpg

 photo IMG_5737_zpsinpssy1a.jpg

 photo IMG_5870_zps38cbuklo.jpg

Rumors say it may soon have a new owner and the building will be adapted for tourism. While the owner is deciding to buy it or not, my friends and I decided to take a visit to this very mysterious place.


 photo IMG_5726_zpsvt0y1vxr.jpg

 photo IMG_5713_zpskdzjjtzz.jpg

 photo IMG_5619_zpsku5mkb30.jpg

 photo IMG_5618_zps0hb4bldt.jpg

This Palace was owned by the Counts D’Arman,  friends of the former US president Kennedy. After John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the widow Jacqueline Kennedy brought their children to the palace and stayed with the Counts D’Arman.

 photo IMG_5602_zpsra9wrkp7.jpg

 photo IMG_5620_zpsj5xkn1ic.jpg

 photo IMG_5595_zpslod7zimi.jpg

You can visit this place now or wait till it becomes a five star hotel. Your choice.

 photo IMG_5596_zps5dikulo1.jpg



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Sunset Party| Vertigem Azul

If you’re searching for something new and different to do this summer, I would totally advise you to experience a sunset at a catamaran while enjoying the views and having a glass of wine.



This isn’t the first time I’ve been to Vertigem Azul’s boat. You can read my dolphin watching experience last year here.

 photo IMG_7051_zpstx75i9v4.jpg



This time I brought a few friends with me for a sunset party with wine tasting. After a day at the beach (Troia) being inside this catamaran with the views of the Sado river as a background and a glass of wine (sponsored by Ribera del Guadiana) it was all that I needed for a special weekend.




I can say it was one of the most relaxing days I ever had. As a bonus, we got to see a few dolphins before heading home.


IMG_0020 copy_zpsiyxgxobg

For more information take a look at their website – Vertigem Azul’s website.


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