Italy in Amsterdam

I have a never ending obsession for Italian cuisine, so it doesn’t matter the country I visit, I tend to always end up trying at least one Italian restaurant. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Al contrario!

So on our first day in Amsterdam, we decided to have dinner at Piadina Bar and here’s our experience:

The location is very convenient since it’s so close to the metro station and you know, it’s Amsterdam, everything is a walk away! (Unless it’s raining). The service was excellent, the staff is very friendly and quick. And when it comes to food…

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, but please keep in mind that the pizzas are even more delicious than what they look like. There’s no fair way to describe them, you should just give them a try. We’ve ordered

We’ve also done some Italian beer tasting which was one of the best decisions of this trip.

My mom also asked to mention in this review their great music selection. She spent pretty much of her time singing or dancing without leaving her place. Oh well, moms.

For more information visit Piadina Bar Amsterdam on Tripadvisor

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Searching for Italian Cuisine in London |Vapiano review

You’re spending the day in London and you want to have something quick for lunch, but not so quick that it will lose the quality and taste. You still want the restaurant to be nice and cool, even though you’re not spending too much time in there, after all, you’re in London.

unnamed (1)

So here’s my suggestion – Vapiano restaurant in Great Portland Street ticked all the boxes.

My sister and I are big fans of Italian Cuisine, so Vapiano has been on our list for a few months now and we finally had the chance to try it!

unnamed (3)

The service was great and quick, and the prices are extremely affordable compared to the quality of the food.

You get to see the pasta being made right in front of you and the options are endless. I’ve ordered the Gamberetti e spinaci pasta that consists of king prawns, cherry tomatoes, basil pesto, onions, spinach, cream and Grana Padano. My sister went for the bolognese pasta with homemade classic beef sauce with onions and carrots.

unnamed (4)

We ended up having more than we should, so instead of going straight back to our walk in London, we just stayed a few more minutes in the restaurant taking pictures at their nice decoration.

unnamed (2)

Visit Vapiano on TripAdvisor  for a full menu, opening hours and more information.

Any other Italian restaurant recommendations in London? Leave them in a comment below!


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Next stop| Pizza Express

I’ve been wanting to try this restaurant since I moved to the UK, but only yesterday, after a day of hard work, I finally had the opportunity to go with my colleagues. Definitely a great way to start the weekend.





With a very friendly and cozy atmosphere, plenty of choices when it comes to starters, main courses and even desserts.






I advise you to have a “dolcetti”, which is a small portion of any dessert with any coffee or tea, instead of a normal dessert at the end, because the starters and main course will definitely leave almost no space for anything else!





Good thing it’s not far from my house because I’ll be visiting it plenty of times!



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