Amazing Pacific Islands: Untouched Beauty| Guest Blogger Zara Lewis


A feature on almost everybody’s travel bucket list, Pacific islands are known for their untouched beauty, stunning landscapes and lush nature. Not to mention vibrant native culture and some of the most romantic spots in the world. They literally have it all, whether you are an adventurer, honeymooner or a family person, you will find you what you are looking for on one of the magical islands in the Pacific.

Now it is time to narrow the choices a bit and pick some that truly stand out and are a must visit in this part of the world.

Starting with New Caledonia

New Caledonia

Home to about 100,000 people, this Pacific gem is something you need to experience for yourself. The unique blend of native and European culture makes it an unforgettable destination with a lot to offer tourists. It all depends on your preferences, but you shouldn’t miss a day at Amedee Island, the crystal clear waters, white sand and an opportunity to see one of the tallest lighthouses in the world, constructed in Paris in 1862. When it comes to food, make sure you try Bougna, a traditional local dish which is combination of chicken, lobster or fish with yams, bananas, sweet potatoes and coconut milk all wrapped in banana leaves. It is simply delicious and will leave you craving for more. Finally take the time and visit the bustling markets in Nouméa in order to truly immerse yourself in the local culture and feel the life energy of this magical island.

We are now moving to Vanuatu Mystery Island

Mystery Island

One of the most popular locations included in the best cruise deals in 2018, Vanuatu Mystery Island is bound to take your breath away. The name of the island itself sounds quite intriguing, doesn’t it? The uniqueness of this Pacific gem is in the fact that it is completely uninhabited, and apart from the tourist who visit via cruise ships, you are only going to see a few locals that come from the neighboring islands to offer their souvenirs and run some of the services like snorkeling and massage spots. As for the island itself, it is a true definition of paradise, as you can imagine, the sand is golden and waters have a fine shade of turquoise that blends nicely with the lush green vegetation. While the sheltering coral reef provides an underwater wonderland worth diving into (pun intended).

Next stop, Fiji


Some would say one of the last remaining true paradises on Earth, and they wouldn’t be wrong. Fiji is a truly remarkable place, and yes there are stunning beaches, amazing nature and all the beauty you would expect to see on a Pacific island, but that’s not what makes Fiji unique. It is its culture, and people. It is a unique blend of Oceanic, European, South Asian, and East Asian traditions, with each wave of immigrants bringing their own flavor and customs. Fijian, Hindi, and English are the official languages, so you won’t have any trouble communicating with the locals. Due to its multiculturalism, the local cuisine in Fiji is not to be missed. You simply have to try Lovo, a Fijian signature dish. Lovo means ‘a feast cooked in the earth’. Different varieties of meat like lamb, pork, fish along with vegetables and other local delicacies are cooked for several hours under the ground, wrapped in banana leaves so that they can get that delicious smokey flavor. But you can’t just order it in a restaurant, you need to find out where the next Lovo night will be held as it is cooked only as a celebratory dish during festivities. Enjoy!

You are now ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime. Visiting any of the above mentioned islands or even surfers paradise like Tahiti or Western Samoa is a life changing experience. Seeing nature in its true form, experiencing amazing cultural blends and unique dishes, nothing can compare. Just make sure you take the time to explore whichever destination you choose, as it is bound to leave you with a desire to come back for more. Safe travels!

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9 Cat Friendly House Plants

What you do when you’re a plant lady but decided to get a kitten?

Even though Olivia didn’t pay much attention to my indoor plants during her first weeks at home, nowadays she’s a curious little bastard and I’ll soon have to buy her own little plants too, so she can leave mine in peace.


I knew that a lot of common indoor plants are poisonous for cats before I got Olivia, so I did a lot of research to make sure the ones I have at home and the ones I will buy in the future aren’t toxic.

So here’s a list of common pet friendly house plants that you can grow:


1. Spider plant –  These are easy to care for, grow well in low-light conditions and can help to clean the air in our homes.

2. Palms – Areca, bamboo palm, parlor and ponytail are some of the most common indoor palm plants, and they are all pretty easy to grow too.

3. Boston fern – Both beautiful and safe for cats and dogs!h for each specific variety of succulent plant you grow.

4. Cast iron plant – It’s one of toughest house plants out there.

5. Bromeliads – Colorful, pet safe indoor plants that grow well without much light.

6. Christmas cactus – Easy to grow indoor plants that will flower right around Christmas time.

7. Phalaenopsis orchids –  Not only are phalaenopsis orchids cat and dog safe indoor plants, they are popular edible flowers too.

8. Swedish ivy – Swedish ivy plants are great for growing indoors, and are also safe for pets!

9. Bromeliad – Bromeliads are safe, easy to grow, unique, and they make great indoor plants.

Ready to add a few more plants to your collection?


You can find out which plants are safe by doing a quick research on the ASPCA database. And feel free to leave any suggestions or cat vs plants stories in the comments section below.


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How To Cat-proof your home

One of the things I had to make sure before bringing Olivia home is that our flat was Cat-proof. This is something I still need to keep checking because anything can be a danger for a kitten as much as it is for a baby, especially when they are unattended. Chances are they will get into trouble.

It takes time for a kitten to know what’s off-limits and cats are great climbers and jumpers, so even if you hide something high up on a shelf it can still be reached!


Here is a list of all the things I checked before Olivia’s arrival:

  • Research on internet or asked a veterinarian which houseplants in your home are non-toxic and which ones are so I could give them away. (I will make sure I write a post about this specific topic since I’m a plant person as much as I’m a cat person.)
  • Keep electric cords unplugged, so if your kitten chews on a cord, they won’t get an electrical shock. If possible, just hide all the cords away.
  • Keep your food tucked away, because like plants, some kinds of food can make your cat sick, or worse. Even if the food isn’t dangerous, it may not meet your cat’s nutritional needs. The same goes for drinks.
  • Keep your washing machine and dryer doors closed. The same goes for rooms where you don’t want your kitten to visit. They are known to check everything out. Especially new places in the house where they haven’t been before.
  • Make sure you let everyone in your house know how certain things can be a danger to your kitten and if something happens what to do. For example, chocolate is poisonous to cats and in my house we tend to eat a lot of it. Leaving a simple chocolate paper on the table might be a danger for the cat, especially if it still has bits of chocolate on it. My advice is to put the veterinary’s contact or vet’s hospital contact number on the fridge, in case of an emergency.

When Olivia first came home…
For the first few hours, we kept her company in the living room so she would get used to us and her surroundings. Kittens need time to adjust and feel totally comfortable.

It didn’t take long for Olivia to begin to feel right at home, that’s why I’m glad I checked the entire house before bringing her home. And I still do daily check outs because it’s all a learning process and what Olivia finds uninteresting today, she might try and chew it tomorrow.


If you have any tips to Cat-proof your house please leave it a comment below. Sharing is caring 😉


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