Home Foot Spa

Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest one of those big machines that give great foot massages but that takes a lot of space in your house and you rarely use them. Maybe while it’s new, but then you just can’t bother.

I want to tell you about the simple and practical things I do to take care of my feet and that you can also apply to your care routine. Because let’s be honest, our feet go through a lot. Whether it’s heels, flat shoes that are just too flat, working hours, hot weather, cold weather and just standing has an impact on our feet.

It’s important to take care of them and to do it frequently. Here’s what I do:

Once a month – I use a pumice stone and sometimes a foot brush to gently exfoliate my feet, at least once a month. If I have the time to do it more frequently I do, but this helps to remove all the dead skin and leave your feet feeling extremely soft.

Once a week – I use foot socks to deeply moisturise the skin. I’ve recently been using the ones from Superdrug. My favourite is the one with enriched with Tea Tree, Peppermint and Vitamin E. I’m also a big fan of the honey and almond one. These help to soothe and soften dry, rough and cracked heels. After using them I always feel like I’m walking on clouds. You can get them here – https://www.superdrug.com/search?q=foot+socks%3Arelevance%3Abrand%3A418065&text=foot+socks&minSel=1.0&maxSel=10.0&minSlider=1.0&maxSlider=10.0&resultsForPage=20&sort=relevance&brand418065=on

Daily – I make sure I go for daily walks because this helps with blood circulation, not only in my feet but also my legs. I also make sure they get enough rest when I get home and that I’m barefoot as much as possible. If it’s cold, just wear socks! Make sure your feet aren’t stuck inside your shoes for too many hours because this will affect them in the long run.

If you want to know more about how to take deeper care of your feet i recommend you read my post about Reflexology – https://tigeronagoldleash.com/2016/08/27/world-meet-reflexology/

Do you have any foot care routine that you would like to share? I’m always up for new ideas, so please leave a comment below!

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Remove decorative items other than your favourites| Minimalism Series

When it comes to decoration in my house I like to keep it minimal, easy to clean but at the same time aesthetically pleasing.

vOLUME oNE.png

It’s important that you give your house a theme and ask yourself what needs to stay and what you need to get rid of because it doesn’t fit that theme. My theme is all about plants, candles and a few family photos. All of this makes us feel good at home and gives a touch of personality to the space.

You have to ask yourself a simple question “Does it serve a purpose functionally or visually?” if yes keep it, if not, why bother?

Not everyone gets this mindset and sometimes it can be a difficult for family and friends to understand. Especially when you move to a new house, people tend to offer you decoration pieces amongst other gifts.

The majority of people see an empty surface on a new house as “they didn’t have the time to buy something to fill/complete that space yet”, when instead, I look at it and feel satisfaction for not having the need to clutter that space.

I know it’s difficult to just tell someone “don’t get me anything, I don’t need it” (Hint: I don’t want it), the person will just ignore it and get you something anyways. So my advice is to tell them what you would like to have, such as something useful and not expensive.

I noticed that by keeping empty surfaces in my house it makes it easier to organise and clean the space. So I definitely recommend doing it!

I’ve been writing separate posts about my minimalism challenge experiences, so make sure you’re following the blog or any of my social media channels to not miss out on these!


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How To Cat-proof your home

One of the things I had to make sure before bringing Olivia home is that our flat was Cat-proof. This is something I still need to keep checking because anything can be a danger for a kitten as much as it is for a baby, especially when they are unattended. Chances are they will get into trouble.

It takes time for a kitten to know what’s off-limits and cats are great climbers and jumpers, so even if you hide something high up on a shelf it can still be reached!


Here is a list of all the things I checked before Olivia’s arrival:

  • Research on internet or asked a veterinarian which houseplants in your home are non-toxic and which ones are so I could give them away. (I will make sure I write a post about this specific topic since I’m a plant person as much as I’m a cat person.)
  • Keep electric cords unplugged, so if your kitten chews on a cord, they won’t get an electrical shock. If possible, just hide all the cords away.
  • Keep your food tucked away, because like plants, some kinds of food can make your cat sick, or worse. Even if the food isn’t dangerous, it may not meet your cat’s nutritional needs. The same goes for drinks.
  • Keep your washing machine and dryer doors closed. The same goes for rooms where you don’t want your kitten to visit. They are known to check everything out. Especially new places in the house where they haven’t been before.
  • Make sure you let everyone in your house know how certain things can be a danger to your kitten and if something happens what to do. For example, chocolate is poisonous to cats and in my house we tend to eat a lot of it. Leaving a simple chocolate paper on the table might be a danger for the cat, especially if it still has bits of chocolate on it. My advice is to put the veterinary’s contact or vet’s hospital contact number on the fridge, in case of an emergency.

When Olivia first came home…
For the first few hours, we kept her company in the living room so she would get used to us and her surroundings. Kittens need time to adjust and feel totally comfortable.

It didn’t take long for Olivia to begin to feel right at home, that’s why I’m glad I checked the entire house before bringing her home. And I still do daily check outs because it’s all a learning process and what Olivia finds uninteresting today, she might try and chew it tomorrow.


If you have any tips to Cat-proof your house please leave it a comment below. Sharing is caring 😉


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