Floral Heaven| Saint Aymes Café

The Saint Aymes Cafe is currently one of the trendiest places in London and it’s all thanks to the work of sisters Michela & Lois Wilson that, inspired by the work of Wes Anderson and their Nana’s floral garden designed this cute paradise in the heart of London. I’ve visited this floral heaven on a very quiet day, I made sure it was a weekday so it’s not too overcrowded and I could taste their delicious treats and take all the photos I wanted.


The café is located in Connaught Village and is only a short walk (approx. 10 mins) from Marble Arch.


The decoration of the place is simply beautiful and if you’re loving the photos, I can tell you that once you’re there it’s even more stunning.


My sister and I ordered pancakes with Nutella and a nice green tea, but I definitely need to come back to taste the unicorn latte.


You can find more information, including opening times and Saint Aymes menu on Tripadvisor.



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