My Minimalist Wedding

Organising one of the most important days of your life shouldn’t result in stress and months of sleepless nights like I heard so many brides admit.

I got engaged in November, officially married in December in England and celebrated it with the family and friends in March in Portugal. Didn’t spend loads of money on it, had an amazing experience and slept pretty well every night. Here’s how I organised my minimalist wedding:

Wedding couple

André and I have been dating for more than 3 years and we always said that if we decide to get married we would  do something special and we both define special as – something relaxing, something that involves our closest family and friends, and a lot of food!

Because we are living in England we got married at the Registrar’s office, where a few members of the family got to attend and celebrated with a special lunch. It was so casual that we picked a day during the week, we took the day off from work, everything was walking distance to our home and we both finished the day watching Netflix with beers in our hands.

The official celebration was recently in March where most of our family and friends live, even though a few people took a flight from their countries just for our wedding and to spend a nice weekend in sunny Portugal.

The website that help me organise everything

Organisation is all about using the right tools and organising your wedding shouldn’t be any different. It’s actually the best way to avoid unnecessary stress. I found a very useful website – I used the Portuguese version

This website has a list wedding suppliers including cake designers, photographers, ceremony venues, etc. It lets you create a checklist of all the things we need to do until the special day so you can keep track of everything. It allows you to create a free website where you can include your guest list, they can confirm their presence at your wedding, leave a message to the bride and groom and even share photos.

Once you have the guest list it also lets you put together a seating plan so you can send as a PDF to the restaurant before the big day. I also enjoyed the community of brides and grooms. Everyone was really nice and always there to help me with any questions I had or any tips I needed.

The Dress

My mom got married exactly 29 years ago and guess what, I wore her dress in March! This was something I told her I wanted to do even before I’ve met Andre, I wanted to wear her dress, not only to honour her but because it’s such a unique wedding dress and maybe it’s my minimalist mind speaking, but I thought it was a shame that it was only used once.

The Bouquet

I’m a big fan of plants, especially because I can keep them alive. When it comes to flowers I always feel bad for using them for a few days and then having to throw them away. So of course, I didn’t even think about the bouquet but the day before the celebration, my mom offered me a very beautiful one from Florineve.

I used it on the day of the celebration, on the day of the photoshoot and now I’m living the flowers to dry so I can then use them to decorate my wedding album, where all the guests wrote their messages.

Photography, of course

I’ve been partnering with Nimagens for my blog for quite a few years now and I actually did a beautiful photoshoot with André, as boyfriend and girlfriend a few years ago. So to me, it didn’t make sense to ask anyone else to take my wedding pictures. But we did it with a twist, of course.

On the day of the celebration all the guests had access to an app called “Wedshoots” where they could upload all the pictures they were taking on the day. This really helped capturing some natural photos of everyone, including me and André, because we weren’t worried about posing, we were just enjoying ourselves with all the family, friends and food.

A few days later, André and I met with Nicole from Nimagens for the official wedding photoshoot, where we got to recreate our first date in Lisbon, but this time dressed as a bride and groom. It was great to visit all the same places 3 years later and to enjoy an amazing sunny day in Lisbon.

Of course everyone was looking at us, dressed as newly weds, in the middle of a busy city, it’s not something you see every day. I even saw a few people filming us with their phones! We also got a lot of people, especially kids, wishing us all the best in our future. It was a really great experience.

You can visit the photoshoot post here.

The Restaurant

One of the most typical dishes in Portugal is Bacalhau (Bacalhau à braz, bacalhau com Natas, Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá and the list goes on). So guess what our restaurant was called…. D’Bacalhau.

The food and variety was really good and I actually got to eat and drink, which is something the bride and the groom rarely have time to do, but that was an accomplishment for us. The location was perfect, in Lisbon, near the river and a view of the Bridge Vasco da Gama. Some guests even went on the cable car and ended up filming us, so good thing I didn’t order a drone. I must mention again that the weather was amazing.

When it comes to the cake, the hair and makeup, I made sure everything was located close to my mom’s house where I was stayed during my time in Portugal and everything was ready in time.

I hope my example helps you organising a stress free wedding and if you have any questions or any tips to future brides leave them below in a comment.

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Iddu London|Review

This has been so far the best restaurant I’ve been to in London. Iddu London, a modern Sicilian cafe space with patio seats in South Kensington.

My sister and I decided to spend the day in London starting with a nice Brunch. Everything at Iddu London was very inviting even before we walked inside the restaurant, so we didn’t even had to think twice about giving it a try!


I always try to go for places where I can have nice food, but where I’m also able to speak during my meal without having to shout because of the loud music or the loud noise of people talking to each other. This is something quite hard to find in London, so I was very pleased with this restaurant as soon as I was able to hear my sister while we were both going over the menu.



We ordered the sweet potato soup of the day, the Penne alla Norma, the Salmon Tartare, avocado and quinoa and scrambled eggs. You might think the photos speak for themselves, but it’s even more delicious than what it already looks. I definitely recommend it!






The service was also very effective, even though the restaurant wasn’t very crowded, so I’m not sure how it is on a busy day. I guess that’s an excuse to come back if I need one.

Visit Iddu London on TripAdvisor.

If you have any other restaurants in London you would like to recommend, please leave a comment below and it might be the next review on the blog!



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Landeau| For choco lovers

Once again I was back to LX Factory where I did my recent photoshoots and indulged in some delicious chocolate cake.

LX Factory is one of the trendiest and most original areas of Lisbon. It used to be an industrial area with a huge textile and printing zone. Today you can find shops, restaurants, hairdressers, an amazing bookstore, and Landeau Chocolate there!

A lot of people have been asking me how to get there, so here it goes.You can get to LX Factory from downtown Lisbon by taking the 738 or 720 bus from Marquês de Pombal and stopping at the Calvario stop. From there you can just ask any local where LX Factory is and they should be able to point the way.

Landeau Chocolate is without any doubt my favorite place at the moment to get dessert in Lisbon.

This store serves slices of “devilishly good” (according to the New York Times) and “insanely-OMG” (according to me!)  chocolate cake.

This cake is very soft and fluffy, with a bit of bittersweet chocolate. Of course the recipe is top secret and I would definitely find it (because I’m a journalist), but I wouldn’t share it with you. I’m sorry, you’ll just have to deal with my selfishness.

Contact DetailsUntitled

Address:  Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103
1300-501 Lisbon, Portugal (LX FACTORY)
Tel.: + 351 917278939
Landeau website.
Landeau on Facebook.


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