Floral Heaven| Saint Aymes Café

The Saint Aymes Cafe is currently one of the trendiest places in London and it’s all thanks to the work of sisters Michela & Lois Wilson that, inspired by the work of Wes Anderson and their Nana’s floral garden designed this cute paradise in the heart of London. I’ve visited this floral heaven on a very quiet day, I made sure it was a weekday so it’s not too overcrowded and I could taste their delicious treats and take all the photos I wanted.


The café is located in Connaught Village and is only a short walk (approx. 10 mins) from Marble Arch.


The decoration of the place is simply beautiful and if you’re loving the photos, I can tell you that once you’re there it’s even more stunning.


My sister and I ordered pancakes with Nutella and a nice green tea, but I definitely need to come back to taste the unicorn latte.


You can find more information, including opening times and Saint Aymes menu on Tripadvisor.



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Royale Cafe| Review

I wasn’t very lucky with the weather the last time I was in Lisbon. It pretty much rained a lot and every day, which says a lot for someone who lives in England.

But I was able to enjoy a sunny afternoon with one of my oldest and dearest friends at Royale cafe in Lisbon and we got to stay outside in the garden enjoying a few hours of sunshine.

Choosing the right place to have a few afternoon snacks in Lisbon has become quite hard for me. Not because of the variety, there’s plenty of cafe places to pick from, but because I feel like they’re all trying to copy each other and the quality of the service is going down. But this wasn’t the case with Royale Cafe.


My friend and I ordered the Tapa Iberia bread topped with marinated fresh tomatoes, olive oil and garlic along with an Eternal Summer cold tea with mint, cinnamon, cardamom and clove for me, and for her, a delicious cappuccino.

We were tempted to keep ordering that bread for as long as we were there, that’s how delicious it was.

The decoration and ambience of the space is very fresh and relaxed and I can definitely see myself spending here a few summer afternoons this year.


So here’s one of the not crowded, great food, well-priced places that I recommend you to visit in Lisbon during your next stay.

Visit Royale Cafe on Tripadvisor.

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