Made By Birds| Valentine’s series

If you’re a fan of Valentine’s day you know exactly how many days are left to the big day. But if you’re like those who always forget, be glad I just remind you that it’s coming!

I took this opportunity to introduce you to a very unique brand that will probably help you find the perfect gift for your Valentine this year.


I had the chance to chat with Iva Atanasova, the designer and founder of accessories company Made By Birds, a unique and contemporary brand inspired by ethnic cultures and fabrics combined with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Made with love, this is a bohemian fashion accessories collection that inspires creativity and individuality. All items are imaginatively matched in a way so they become unique.

– How would you describe the people who buy your collection?

I think Made By Birds purses are great add to all generation boudoir. The velvet back of the purses gives feeling of luxury and magnificence. You can use it for going out as accessories, or make –up bag or anything else. They are so colorful, girly and happy. I simply enjoy creating them and every time I make something new. Most of my accessories are unique as I think every person is.

Also the purses and the drawstring backpacks are perfect festival gear. Funky and useful.


– When did you start Made By Birds and what made you do it?

I have been sewing since, as a young girl, my Grandma thought that if I was going to interfere with her sewing machine I might as well be taught to do so properly.
What started as a pastime creating items for myself and gifts for friends and family two years ago has now expanded into Etsy!

The name ‘Made By Birds’ being taken from a set of bird and egg toys made for my niece. Every time when I was going to visit her I was bringing her a new toy. First I made her a cloud with rain drops and a little bird. After that the toy was a big chicken followed on next visit by a happy egg.

I met an old lady, a grandma of a fiend and she gave me her old Singer machine. So I fix it and start sewing stuff as I wrote above presents for my nice, pillows for friends.


After that I decided to buy a proper our day’s sewing machine as I already suddenly end up buying one more vintage machine pre ware 1926yr. (The bobbin inside that machine is like a bullet. In second word ware they were using them when the bullets finish.)

So sign up for sewing lessons and there I learn how to sew purses. They also have a very beautiful shop with different fabrics and trims. How can you imagine I bought lots of stuff and start sewing purses for everyone. One of my friends told me about Etsy and last November I decided to open the shop. I also have a day job, but I am trying to build Made By Birds and make it running and establish on the market. ( At the moment with baby steps).


You can visit her Etsy shop here – Made By Birds. And get the perfect gift for this Valentine’s day!



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Hippopotamus Restaurant|Paris

This year I decided to treat my sister with a weekend in Paris for her birthday and let her choose the entire itinerary.


Hippopotamus is one of her favourite restaurants in France and the main reason: chèvre chaud.


After spending the morning walking around Paris with 3 degrees, we decided it was time to have a delicious lunch so we headed to Boulevard des Capucines and visited Hippopotamus.


The food was excellent, the prices appropriate and the service was great until I decided to pay the bill in coins (I had to get read of that weight on my purse), and the server got extremely upset because she had to actually count them. Guess who didn’t get tipped.


But it was great to visit this restaurant again, since it was one of our most frequented places when we lived in Paris.



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The Latest Trends in Cat Care| Guest Blogger Zara Lewis


More and more people, especially the millennial generation, are adopting a completely new attitude towards pet ownership, treating their feline and canine friends more like family members than their pets. For them, those furry little creatures are their loyal friends, companions and an infinite source of affection. Consequently, this has led to increased spending in and the continuous growth of the pet industry, as well as the emergence of new trends in pet care. The most recent trends will enable proud cat owners to enrich the lives of their feline friends and ensure their wellbeing.

Cat tech innovations

Technical innovation is slowly taking over the pet industry, presenting a range of different state-of-the-art devices. From talking cat collars and GPS devices to interactive feeders and pet doors with microchip sensors, tech products are slowly coming to the forefront. While Petzi, a web camera and a treat dispenser, will enable you to check your cat while you’re away and give them a treat via your phone, Petcube will provide you with an additional option – a laser pointer that will enable you to interact with your feline friend.

Organic and natural products

With the expanding eco-consciousness, it was only a matter of time when sustainability and eco-friendliness will be implemented in the pet industry. Not only do pet owners want to contribute to the environment, but they also want to improve their furry friends’ health and wellbeing. Cat owners have a variety of natural products to choose from, ranging from toys made of natural fibres to cat litter. Natural tick and flea repellents are also available, ensuring that cats aren’t exposed to any toxic substances.

Natural cat food


The pet food market has seen the biggest increase, with pet owners choosing better and healthier natural foods for their furry companions. Premium organic food consists of natural ingredients necessary for the health of your feline friend. Nutritious natural cat food is rich in natural arginine and taurine, amino acids found in premium meat. In addition, when it comes to pet food, more and more owners are going with grain-free foods as a healthier alternative.

Cat accessories

Cat owners are also purchasing non-essential items and accessories as a way to enrich their feline friends’ lives. Believing that their cats will like and enjoy certain products, their owners don’t hesitate to spend a bit more to make sure that their little friends have everything they need or might need. From stylish litter boxes and high-quality hair brushes to comfortable cat beds and interesting toys, these elegant little creatures have everything they need for a comfortable life.

Cat photography


Social media networks are rich in inspiring photos of adorable kittens and beautiful cats, which resulted in the increased popularity of cat photography. Proud cat owners want to remember all of those wonderful moments spent with their feline friends, so they keep clicking, posting and sharing their photos. Cat portrait photography is becoming increasingly popular, offering professional portraits of these majestic creatures to their owners.

Cat health insurance

Over the recent years, sales of pet insurance and policies have seen a slight yet steady growth and this trend is expected to increase significantly. With medical treatments becoming more expensive and people’s more intense care for their pets, owners want to provide their furry friends with the best medical care there is.

Joint adventures

Not only do cat owners want to make sure that their feline companions have a comfortable life, but they also keep them as involved as possible in their own lives. With pet-friendly cafés and coffee shops to travel adventures, cats are a part of these everyday experiences as nothing less than family members. Consequently, more and more hotels, motels and inns are welcoming guests along with their pets, which is a growing trend.

Cats are lovely, gentle creatures that can truly enrich your life and with these trends on the rise, you’ll be able to enrich theirs, too.

Zara Lewis

Contributing editor at

Contributor at TheWellnessInsider