5 challenging things about Minimalism

Simple living is not always so simple. Especially when you’re right at the beginning and it seems like the world is against you for following something that makes you feel so happy.

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Never ending clutter

When you start de-cluttering your life and especially your house you can feel quite overwhelmed realising all the things you own and you don’t need. You will also feel like you keep getting rid of things but other things keep coming back and it’s a never-ending circle. Keep in mind that after a period of time you’ll be able to look back and see a difference. This might not happened straight away because it takes time for us to change a habit, but once it’s done you’ll be able to see the results.

Being judgemental while listening to compulsive buyers

This is something I struggle with and I tend to not express my opinion too much, so I don’t end up offending anyone. But the truth is, people who keep saying “I need to buy this” when they clearly don’t, people who spend their lives scrolling on online stores and people that complain because they spend too much time organising and cleaning the house but they don’t look for a solution to the problem… those people need help. Keep in mind that just because we live in a society where buying “stuff” is the main goal and doing it constantly is considered normal for a lot of people, that doesn’t make it okay.

People that think Minimalism is just a phase

I wish your compulsive buying behaviour was just a phase. Just like being Vegan, being a minimalist or follow a minimalist lifestyle is seen as something very hipster that millennials do and after a while it will just vanished. Keep in mind that the world and the planet as they are, aren’t in very good conditions and if there are lifestyles that help making it better, even though you don’t follow them, respecting it would be appreciated.

Receiving gifts

This is a big struggle for me. I love receiving gifts, especially the well thought ones, but I hate receiving clutter and sometimes people buy you stuff just because it’s your birthday and they have to. Then you end up having things you don’t need, but at the same time you don’t want to give them away because the person that offered it means something to you. Keep in mind that sometimes letting your friends and family know what you like and need is a great way to save them the trouble of searching for a gift and saves you the trouble of not liking it. There are ways to say it that won’t offend anyone.

You’re not as Minimalist as you should be

Minimalism is a lifestyle just like any other lifestyle. There aren’t rules, only inspiration, tips, advices and then you get to pick what’s most suitable for you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you own too many books for example, therefore you’re not a minimalist. If books are your passion you can have as many as you want. Just like my house is an urban jungle and I have plants everywhere! No way I’m getting rid of them to fit a specific rule of minimalism. There’s no such a thing. Keep in mind that Minimalism is a lifestyle you can adapt to your daily basis in ways that make you avoid stress, make you more organised and with more extra time to do the things you love. As long as you’ve obtained this you’re on the right path and you should be proud!

If you struggle with anything else that is not on the list, please leave it in a comment below. You can also read my Minimalism Series to get a bit more inspired.


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The Low Impact Movement

I’ve joined the Low Impact Movement for the duration of the month of May. This movement is all about lowering your impact with a focus on waste reduction.


I believe that the only way to create real change is to move in unity towards a brighter future. So I’ve pledged to take part in this challenge, where I’ve been attempting to learn how to reduce my waste and overall impact on the planet for 30 days.

I’ve been sharing tips and examples of what I do on a daily basis. What plastic products I’ve replaced for eco-friendly ones, what activities I apply to my life that have a lower impact on the planet and so on.

If you’re curious about it, please visit my Instagram profile where I’ve been saving all my stories since the 1st of May. Follow here.

If you’re looking at joining this movement, even though the month of May is almost finished, you can still be part of this amazing challenge. All you need to do is use the hashtag #lowimpact30 or #lowimpactmovement when sharing a photo or video on Instagram and Facebook. You can also visit these two hashtags for excellent tips!

Don’t forget to use your voice.


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Keeping Squats Low and the Music Volume High| Sudio Review

Gym days have been great! I’m past the sore days after a workout and I’m eating healthier every day, which really helps staying active and feeling motivated too.


There was only one thing bothering me until a few weeks ago. I love listening to music while working out. It makes the time go faster without me realising how much of an effort I’m actually doing. But it’s hard to find earphones that can keep up with all the movements. Until I decided to pay a visit to Sudio’s website.


I already own a pair of headphones from Sudio that really help me with my meditation sessions and my train journeys to London. You can read my review here.

But those headphones are not fit for the gym, they’re too big even though they’re very comfy.


I needed something smaller and practical, I needed a Vasa BLÅ – Rose Gold White, a wireless in-ear model with 9+ hour battery life, rose gold detailing, and studio quality sound. They’re not only stylish but they’re extremely useful because you can just put them around your neck even when you’re not using them.

You can get 15% off by using my code at checkout –  TIGER15


You can find the model I’m using here.

And you can check the entire collection here.

Sudio is offering a complimentary tote bag with every purchase at the moment, so hurry up!

Once you try them out please leave me a comment below, I would love to hear about your experience and it gives you a chance to be featured on my Instagram!



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