So Shape Challenge

And here’s the end of my So Shape challenge! To be honest, I still have a few smart meals left, but I decided to give you an update since I started seeing changes.

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So I took part in the So Shape Challenge for a week, where I had a smart meal per day, usually at breakfast and normal meals the rest of the day.


I took part in the challenge to get in shape while also improving my health while improving my body’s nutrition and getting my energy levels back up!

So Shape’s low calorie yet complete diet enabled me to keep my muscles while targeting my body to lose fat and not muscle.

During my challenge, I shared on Instagram stories the flavours I was tasting and a few advice to tone up and slim down.

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My favourite thing about these smart meals was that they were quick and easy to use, which is ideal for busy people like me during the week. It’s not always easy to take the time to eat healthily and this is a way of making sure I do.

I hope this post answered all the questions I’ve been receiving on Instagram, but if you still have some, leave a comment below.

Otherwise, if you’re interested in giving this challenge a try, head to So Shape website and use my code TIGERCUSTOM to save £9.50 and double your flavours on 14 & 28 day challenges.


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Naturally White | Billion Dollar Smile

I had the opportunity to test another teeth whitening product with natural ingredients.

We all know how this industry is full of products that say that they do what they don’t, so I believe it’s quite important that I share on the blog the successful experiences.


So, I’ve tried Billion Dollar Smile’s whitening polish toothbrush and it was an amazing finding, formulated by dentists and made in the UK, that I had to introduce to you.

The toothpaste consists of a blend of natural coconut oil, which we all know I love, Charcoal and Pineapple Enzyme, which naturally polishes and makes our teeth naturally become more white.

I’ve been using it every day in place of any regular toothpaste, so it doesn’t take any not extra time on my daily routine. Also, my boyfriend decided to use it too and he’s not even a fan of coconut oil!

I love the fact that it’s packed with natural ingredients and no nasty parabens.

If you want to give it a try, go check the entire range at where you can save 1/3 of the price.


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Olivia’s First Birthday

I can’t believe Olivia is already one year old! Even though we adopted her only after she was two months old, I still remember the day I visited the house where she was born. I wanted to meet her on her first days, even though that meant that I had to wait for weeks until I could bring her home with us. She was so small and calm compared to what she is now.


During her first month in our house we couldn’t wait to leave work at the end of the day and go back home to spend time with her. She was learning something new every day and no way we were going to miss that!


Until her second month with us, we made sure that there was always someone with her. Even that young she had a passion for destroying my plants and play with whatever came in her way, so we had to be extra careful with every object we left on the floor.


On her third month in the house she started climbing furniture, she could reach everywhere and she loved being on top of the highest points in the house so she could observe everything that was happening at any time.


On the fourth month, she decided that she didn’t like going out, whether if it was for a quick drive to the vet or to spend the day at a family’s member house. She hated it.


The fifth month, she finds out we had a balcony and spent the entire day out there looking at the birds flying around, probably wishing she could catch them.


On her sixth month with us, we travelled for a week to Portugal and she had to stay in a “cat’s hotel” for the first time. Surprisingly she was quite happy with it and made a few friends during her stay.


The seventh and eighth month with us, she’s stopped being a baby kitten and started giving us the attitude. She chooses when she wants to be pet, it’s not up to us anymore! Unless it’s meal time, then we can pet her as much as we want.


During the last couple of months, she loves to follow us around the house while we do the laundry, water the plants, and do all the household tasks. Her favourite one is organising papers because she always gets to play with a few at the end.


Today she has a very unique personality that she has been building up for the past year. She likes to play as much as in her first days at home, but also sleeps a lot. She brings us her toys for us to throw them and brings them back again, just like a dog. She likes to cuddle when it’s cold and even when it’s too hot. I don’t know how she can handle the heat so well, being British and all…


She likes to keep us up at night sometimes, especially when she decides to chase a bug at 2am. Forgot to mention how great of a hunter she is. But we don’t mind because she became part of the family the moment she entered our door and makes me wonder every day, how there are people that can abandon their pets.


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