Get rid of unused makeup, skin/hair care products| Minimalism Series

Most girls like to show off their beauty products collection and talk about how many amazing lipsticks they have, even though they  probably don’t use half of them.


I’ve never been one of these girls, but I need to admit that I had a lot of beauty products, enough to spend too much time searching for a specific one and that would drive me crazy. But that’s not the only reason why I took this challenge, here are a few more reasons.

  1. When it comes to expiration dates, eye makeup is to discard after three months. That includes everything from mascara to eyeliner to all types of eye shadow, even the powder form. The reason being that your eyes have sensitive mucous membranes around them that can become irritated if you are using products that have bacteria growing in them, which can easily happen by the three-month mark.
  2. Lip care products should usually be tossed at the one-year mark. If they become goopy when you try and spread them on your lips, it is a sure sign they should be discarded immediately.
  3. If you use a regular store brand or salon brand of hair care products, they will usually retain their benefits for up to 18 months. However, there are a lot of brands out now which advertise the use of Botanicals in their products. If that is the case, they are most likely not using the preservatives and additives in the products that make their shelf life longer, so you will need to watch for a change in consistency and smell to tell you if it is past it’s expiration.
  4. The “haul culture” of beauty (and fashion) blogging encourages women to purchase every new release or cult product, and own a multitude of products that do exactly the same thing. Receiving beauty samples on a somewhat regular basis encourages this habit and it’s surprising how quickly drawers and countertops fill up with unnecessary, unused, or unwanted items.

I’ve started investing in specific organic, natural, non animal tested brand products that I really like and are appropriate to my skin and hair type. And I only buy a product if I don’t have a similar one at home or my recent one just run out.

What happened to all my beauty products?

I separated the items I could donate or pass on to friends from those that were out of date or broken beyond use; I kept any make-up I use regularly and the products I knew I would use up but probably not replace.

So here’s my advice, finish those leftovers that you have since months ago or give it to someone who will use it more frequently. If you don’t want to throw products away, start using them more until you finish them and then don’t buy more of that specific product. Just make sure you trow away every expired product.

Note: If you’re looking at disposing your beauty products there’s a few rules you have to follow. This blog post will help you do it the right way – 

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Clean Out your Closet| Minimalism Series

A few weeks ago I shared my fifteen day minimalism challenge and every single point on the list was tested by me, and it not only works, but it also makes you feel really good after finishing it. Now it’s the time to let you know a bit more of my experience with each one of these challenge points.

tiger on a gold leash

Starting with cleaning out your closet. This might be one of the most difficult points for a lot of people, but there’s a way of making it easier.

First of all it’s important that you reserve a full day to go through your wardrobe piece-by-piece and get rid of anything that you haven’t worn in years or even months.

One of the benefits of getting rid of all the clothes that I didn’t need is that now it’s so much easier to find an outfit in the morning before going to work! I know exactly what I have in my wardrobe so, for example, when I get invited somewhere, I immediately know which dress to wear and it made my life so much easier.

One of my biggest issues when deciding to give away my clothes was thinking that I spent money on it and now I was giving it away for free. But I quickly realise that keeping something just because I spent money on it, but I actually never wear it, it’s just a waste of my time and space at home.

I adopted a few options that you might consider adopting too.

Give it to charity.

The fact that your clothes will go to someone who needs them way more than you do is enough to make you want give them away. There are great charities with amazing causes everywhere in the world. I chose Cancer Research UK and Fundação do Gil to give away more than 12 bags of clothing that I haven’t worn in years, but has always been there in the back of my closet waiting for the perfect occasion.

Give it to a friend or family.

You know how your friends always compliment your outfits or your stylish choices? You might think they’re just being nice, but most of them really like what you wear and would love to have it. I put together a few bags of clothes that I offered to people closer to me and if they didn’t like it, then I would put it into charity bags. A lot of people were looking at buying something similar and I just made their life easier. And mine, of course!

Recycle it.

Pinterest is the best place to find creative ideas of recycling your clothes. You can turn t-shirts into bags to go grocery shopping, dresses into pillow cases, etc. This summer my mom was able to turn old jeans into a beach umbrella bag. Pretty clever!

Sell it.

There are websites such as Depop where you can sell old items. But you also have Facebook groups where you can sell second-handed clothing for a good price.

Think before buying more.

If you’re going to get rid of clothes to go and buy more, please don’t even go through the trouble. It’s important to buy with a purpose. Don’t just buy something because you have the money or the time. Buy something because you need it and you don’t have something similar at home.

Once someone told me that we spent a lot of money on clothes for special occasions, but we only wear it once or twice. Then when it comes to daily clothing we tend to buy the cheapest. And it should be the other way around. We should invest more in clothes that we are going to wear more often, so they last and we feel good every day when we wear them.

If you’ve tried this challenge before I would love to read your experience on the comments’ section.


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Pampa Hamper| Review

I take relaxing time really seriously and having bath bombs and scented candles at home is a must to feel good. You never know when you’ll have a hard day at work and need “me time” when you get home.


I’ve recently subscribed to Pampa Hamper, a box with a range of hand-made Bath and Pamper treats.


My first box arrived on a Saturday morning, my first day of holidays before I headed to Portugal, so imagine how happy I was. Especially because the moment that box entered my apartment it left the most wonderful smell.


This is the first time I use bath bombs from a different brand other than Lush and I was a bit sceptical about this subscription. But you can stop it at any time, so it’s always great to give it a try. And I have a discount code just for my followers, so you definitely should give it a try. I’ll speak about this later in this post.

The box came with 2 bubble baths, a scented candle (Summer Fruits), one hand-made soap, bath salts and a gift of an extra bubble bath.

I always light up the scented candle in the evening so it leaves a great smell in the apartment and relaxes everyone before going to bed. It’s been a week already since I use it every evening so it lasts for quite a while.


The bubble baths were lovely too and left my skin feel extremely smoothly, even the following day. It’s like I didn’t need moisturiser at all.


The bath salts are perfect if you want to enjoy a hot bath, but I also enjoy, after a long day of work, putting them in a recipient with warm water and put my feet in while I watch an episode on Netflix. That’s Hygge right there!


The hand-made soap is being used by everyone at home at the moment, every time they wash their hands and everyone is commenting how good it smells, and it doesn’t leave your skin dry afterwards, which happens with many other soaps.


So in general it’s a really great box, the products are not tested on animals, everything is 100% hand-made, it’s vegan friendly and 30% less expensive than buying these same products at Lush.

If you want to give it a try you can use my discount: TIGERDISCOUNT and get your first box for £7.99 instead of £10.00.

You can visit their website here – Pampa Hamper

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