Wedding photoshoot with Nimagens

My wedding post on the blog is coming very soon, but before that, I had to share our beautiful wedding photoshoot with Nimagens.

André and I had the idea of recreating our first date, three years ago, but this time dressed as bride and groom.

I wore my mom’s wedding dress with almost 29 years old (you can read more about this on the coming wedding post) and André wore his wedding suit, and along with Nicole, we walked around Lisbon with a camera on her hand and a lot of ideas on our minds.

Saldanha was where we first met and where our photoshoot started. The weather was great, just like when we met so it brought a lot of good memories.

We then took the metro, as you can see by the beautiful photos we got to take inside. We ended up at Terreiro do Paço and Cais das Colunas where I would always take the boat back home and where our first date ended.

As an extra, we took a few photos at Cais do Sodré where we later met several times while dating. 

This experience was amazing in so many different ways. We had the chance to live our first date once again and compare it to how much things changed and evolved. Who knew we would move to England and get married! It was also great to see so many people in the street wishing us all the best in our future together, especially kids.

I want to thank Nicole for my favourite photoshoot so far. It’s great to be able to follow her work and be a part of it.

You can check her website here.

And our previous photoshoots here.

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All about Nimagens

A lot of people have been asking me who is the photographer behind my latest photoshoots and even though I’m always sharing her work, I thought that you would like to know a little bit more about this Lisbon based photographer that brought a lot of life to my blog.
Her name is Nicole and she started her photography career on the early 2000s. Nimagens is the brand by which Nicole signs her works, not only as a photographer, but also as a videographer and architect.

Using love as the common ingredient, she captures life, pure, simple and natural moments, whether at a wedding, a music concert or during her travels.
If you would like to get in touch with Nimagens you can send an e-mail at or visit her website ( where you will be able to see her portfolio and other examples of her photographs.

My photoshoots with Nimagens

 photo TGL_5184_web_zpsyvtmpscb.jpg
The Wrinkle movement
 photo TGL_5069_web 1_zpsjzo6zuev.jpg
Rooftop session
 photo TGL_7087_fcb_zpsrannlpow.jpg
Summer in London
 photo TGL_6794_fcb_zpshrrfyi3e.jpg
Summer in London Part II

 photo TGL_7230_fcb_zpsrc9tyymk.jpg
Summer in London Part III


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