Olivia’s Favourite Thing in the World – Food|IAMS for Vitality

Olivia is one year old now which basically means she’s an adult cat. She still plays 24 hours a day and makes sure everything goes on the floor just like the first day she arrived at our home. So the only thing that really changed was her food.

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I’ve done my own research and also asked Olivia’s vet, Olivia (yes, her name is Olivia too) and we both agreed that IAMS for Vitality was a good choice for her first Adult cat dry food.

I wanted to make sure that I picked a brand with wheat-free recipes. If you’ve watched “Pet Fooled” documentary on Netflix you know why. I also wanted something with high levels of protein, in this case, IAMS has up to 91% animal protein for cats. And then the basics, of course, no fillers, artificial flavours or colours, etc.


Of course, Olivia always has the last word, it needed to be something that she would like and this can be very difficult when it comes to dry food. She will always prioritise wet food, but I want to make sure she has both options.


So I was very glad that she started to get excited every time I open the bag of dry food, just like she is when she sees us preparing the wet food.

She’s now been to the vet again and we can confirm she’s very healthy. The only thing we need to keep an eye on is her weight, even though it’s very good now because she loves food it can change and get out of control. So from now on, we will start measuring her portions daily until she gets used to it.

Olivia already tried the Ocean Fish, Lamb and Chicken flavours. The Chicken one is definitely her favourite!

Visit IAMS website to find out about their new Vitality range – http://www.iams.co.uk/

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Olivia’s First Birthday

I can’t believe Olivia is already one year old! Even though we adopted her only after she was two months old, I still remember the day I visited the house where she was born. I wanted to meet her on her first days, even though that meant that I had to wait for weeks until I could bring her home with us. She was so small and calm compared to what she is now.


During her first month in our house we couldn’t wait to leave work at the end of the day and go back home to spend time with her. She was learning something new every day and no way we were going to miss that!


Until her second month with us, we made sure that there was always someone with her. Even that young she had a passion for destroying my plants and play with whatever came in her way, so we had to be extra careful with every object we left on the floor.


On her third month in the house she started climbing furniture, she could reach everywhere and she loved being on top of the highest points in the house so she could observe everything that was happening at any time.


On the fourth month, she decided that she didn’t like going out, whether if it was for a quick drive to the vet or to spend the day at a family’s member house. She hated it.


The fifth month, she finds out we had a balcony and spent the entire day out there looking at the birds flying around, probably wishing she could catch them.


On her sixth month with us, we travelled for a week to Portugal and she had to stay in a “cat’s hotel” for the first time. Surprisingly she was quite happy with it and made a few friends during her stay.


The seventh and eighth month with us, she’s stopped being a baby kitten and started giving us the attitude. She chooses when she wants to be pet, it’s not up to us anymore! Unless it’s meal time, then we can pet her as much as we want.


During the last couple of months, she loves to follow us around the house while we do the laundry, water the plants, and do all the household tasks. Her favourite one is organising papers because she always gets to play with a few at the end.


Today she has a very unique personality that she has been building up for the past year. She likes to play as much as in her first days at home, but also sleeps a lot. She brings us her toys for us to throw them and brings them back again, just like a dog. She likes to cuddle when it’s cold and even when it’s too hot. I don’t know how she can handle the heat so well, being British and all…


She likes to keep us up at night sometimes, especially when she decides to chase a bug at 2am. Forgot to mention how great of a hunter she is. But we don’t mind because she became part of the family the moment she entered our door and makes me wonder every day, how there are people that can abandon their pets.


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Life Hacks for Cats: How to Travel with Your Cat in the Car| Guest Blogger Zara Lewis


If you’re a proud cat owner who doesn’t what to go anywhere without their cat – welcome to the club! We completely understand your concerns, but if you’re worried because you’ve never travelled with your pet, all we have to say is: stay with us and keep on reading. Here are four amazing life hacks that will make your upcoming trip a piece of cake, so check them out and learn how to travel with your cat in the car without any problems. Enjoy!

Always put your safety first

The first thing you should do before hitting the road is to put your overall safety in the first place and get your car checked. Of course, a breakdown is the last thing you want when travelling with your cat on a hot summer day, so make sure to take your car to your trusty mechanic for a safety check-up and tune-up. Let’s take Aussies as an example: as road trips have become extremely popular in the Land Down Under over the last couple of years, more and more people have started to realize the importance of regular check-ups and seeing their mechanics. Before their trip kicks off, they usually rely on a trusted mobile mechanic in Sydney or another nearby town and have a professional come over and run a thorough check-up of their car in their own garage. This is the best way to save some time and make your car the safest place for you and your cat, so don’t skip this step and you’ll see what we’re talking about!

Don’t forget to get a good travel crate before you hit the road


A quality travel crate is what you need before embarking on a longer trip with your kitty, so make sure to get one according to the size and weight of your cat. Needless to say, it should be big enough so that your cat feels as comfortable as possible. We must say that letting your pet move freely around your car while you’re driving isn’t safe at all, as it can get under your feet and negatively affect your driving skills, which is exactly why a travel crate is an absolute must. Besides that, your cat can easily get injured if you allow it to move around, so be sure to provide a safe, quiet place for your kitty and it will certainly relieve any anxiety it may feel.

Make sure to familiarize your cat with your car


One of the most important things before hitting the road with your cat is making sure that it feels comfortable in your car. In order to accomplish that, you must give it a chance to get familiar with that type of environment, which is particularly important if you’ve never taken it for a ride before. You should start by taking your cat out to the car and just sitting in the back seat together. Be sure to bring some treats, too, so that your kitty feels safe in your car. Let it sniff and explore the new environment. Then put it in its crate, so that it knows where it will be when you travel, and drive for a few blocks. Repeat the practice a few more times before your important trip, so that your cat can properly adjust and get used to your car.

Talk to your vet about medications for your cat

Another important thing you should do before your trip is talking to your vet about medications for your cat. This is particularly important if that is your first time travelling with your pet, so that you can learn what to expect and how to deal with any potential problems. You should also talk to your vet if your kitty didn’t respond well to test drives so that you can get medications for anxiety or motion sickness in time. You should bear in mind that too long trips like cross-country ones may be too overwhelming for your cat, so you can always ask for a prescribed relaxant or herb to relieve anxiety and help it feel at peace. Besides that, you should also know that your cat should be microchipped, which is of the utmost importance when travelling. If it already is, be sure that the information associated with the microchip is up to date, and your cat will be more than fine!

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to make your trip a lot more pleasant and comfortable – no matter if you’ve already travelled with your cat, or it’s your first time. Apart from a quality travel crate and medications prescribed by the vet, you should also make sure that your car is safe enough and that your cat is familiar with the new environment so that it can feel as comfy and relaxed as possible. Once that’s done, you’re ready to go!

Zara Lewis

mail: zaraelewis@gmail.com