So Shape Challenge

And here’s the end of my So Shape challenge! To be honest, I still have a few smart meals left, but I decided to give you an update since I started seeing changes.

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So I took part in the So Shape Challenge for a week, where I had a smart meal per day, usually at breakfast and normal meals the rest of the day.


I took part in the challenge to get in shape while also improving my health while improving my body’s nutrition and getting my energy levels back up!

So Shape’s low calorie yet complete diet enabled me to keep my muscles while targeting my body to lose fat and not muscle.

During my challenge, I shared on Instagram stories the flavours I was tasting and a few advice to tone up and slim down.

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My favourite thing about these smart meals was that they were quick and easy to use, which is ideal for busy people like me during the week. It’s not always easy to take the time to eat healthily and this is a way of making sure I do.

I hope this post answered all the questions I’ve been receiving on Instagram, but if you still have some, leave a comment below.

Otherwise, if you’re interested in giving this challenge a try, head to So Shape website and use my code TIGERCUSTOM to save £9.50 and double your flavours on 14 & 28 day challenges.


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Santiago Hotel Cooking & Nature

This summer, I’ve planned a very relaxing trip to what is called, an obligatory destination on the Alentejo Coast, in Portugal. Nothing compared to holidays at the busy city of Lisbon and nothing compare to the expensive places in Algarve, full of tourists.



I was searching for a few relaxing days in the sun along with a great gastronomy and while being very closed to nature.


The Santiago Hotel Cooking & Nature has gastronomy and culinary as the main attractions, without forgetting the nature, the sports, the nearby ocean and outdoor activities.



It’s located in the heart of the historic city of Santiago do Cacém, and close to desert beaches, my favourite ones.



We’ve stayed in a Twin room furnished with two single beds, a balcony with a view of the castle, free Wi-Fi, a very needed coffee machine and a very elegant bathtub with shower. You can find photos of this room or other types of rooms they have to offer here.


The breakfast was included and no need to explain how delicious it was! From traditional pastries to very fresh fruit and juices, the selection was very varied.


The Santiago Hotel offers several types of cooking lessons, workshops, days with Chef, visits to the local market or even picking vegetables and herbs from the Chef’s garden.

You can visit their free workshops here.

We’ve spent most of the time at the outdoor swimming pool because the weather was really enjoyable and the views of Santiago were very inviting.



My boyfriend and I ended up spending our 3rd anniversary in this beautiful place and we promised that we definitely need to come back for a longer period of time because it really helps recharging our energy.


You can visit the Portugal highlights on my Instagram profile for videos of this amazing place here.

For more information on this hotel, visit Tripadvisor here.


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Vegan Ice Creams| Deliciarte by Wish

When healthy meets delicious the results are AMAZING!

I had the chance to try Deliciarte by Wish new amazing fit rolls this year while on holidays in Portugal.



These ice creams are dairy free, gluten-free and there are so many flavours to choose from! On the photos you can see the pineapple and mint option, the banana one with peanut butter and the delicious strawberry one. I can tell you Nutella, Kitkat and Oreo are also part of the options!



Deliciarte is a very cute bakery that I definitely recommend you to visit if you’re planning to travel to Portugal soon.

They also have breakfast, meals, hot chocolate, pancakes and the list goes on! But if you’re looking for a very healthy option than you should definitely try these ice creams.



Find out how these amazing and healthy ice creams are made by visiting my Instagram where I shared a few videos from my visit – Portugal Highlights


It takes someone with very good skills to do these so you can’t miss these videos!



You can visit Deliciarte By Wish Instagram page here.


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