Peggy Porschen Cakes| Review

I’m going to be honest, the reason why I decided to visit Peggy Porschen’s was simply because of the beautiful pictures on Instagram. And I had the feeling that I was going to pay a lot for a crappy-tasteless piece of cake, thinking this was just one of those places in London where you basically pay to take photos and both the service and quality are very poor. But I decided to give it a try anyway, and I’m glad I did.


It was a rare sunny afternoon in beautiful London when my sister and I were looking for new places to visit. Peggy Porschen’s was on my Instagram bookmarks and it was about time that I gave it a try!



After 10 minutes on a queue waiting for an available table (outside), they called our names and we sat. I need to mention that these 10 minutes were actually useful to take these beautiful photos, so not a waste of time, at all.



My sister and I are big chocolate fans so we decided to order a chocolate cupcake and it was simply delicious!



Peggy Porschen is an award-winning cake designer with a talented team of pastry chefs and sugar-craft artists.



Later I found out that there’s a Peggy’s Cake Academy, a cookery school dedicated to baking, cake decorating and sugar craft. Someone is going to register and that someone might be me!


Visit Peggy Porschen’s website here.


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The Cake App & Iddu London|Review

It’s a special date, you had an amazing meal, the waiter was super helpful, but now you need to leave and that bill is taking forever to arrive to your table. Don’t you just wish you could walk away and not have to worry about it?


There’s an app for that!

I’ve been recently using CAKE, which is an app that allows you to pick a place with a credit offer on, open your own tab at the beginning of your meal then split or pay the whole bill and leave when you’re ready.

It gives you plenty of extra time and less worries!


I’ve tried it for the first time at Iddu London, a modern Sicilian cafe space with patio seats in South Kensington. My date that day was my sister and we had a lovely brunch before heading for a walk in London.



Iddu is a lovely place with an excellent service and food. We ordered the sweet potato soup of the day, the Penne alla Norma, the Salmon Tartare, avocado and quinoa and scrambled eggs. I definitely recommend it!






The CAKE app just made the whole experience very easy, no worries, no stress and gave my sister and I the opportunity to just talk and relax.


You can download the app here. And you can check all the places they have it available here.  And by using my code TIGERCAKE, you can get £5 to start on the app! I promise you won’t regret it!



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Chewsy Natural Gum | Review

I’ve always been a chewing gum fan, until I had to wear braces for 2 years and my addiction had to kind of slow down. I literally stopped buying gum.

tiger on a gold leash

After having my braces taken away and being able to chew gum with no difficult at all, I didn’t have the need to have it anymore. The addiction stopped. But this happened until I decided to try natural and sugar-free chewing gum.


Chewsy is the only 100% natural and sugar-free chewing gum in the UK made with only 5 natural ingredients sourced from trees. That means no aspartame, no artificial flavours or sweeteners, no preservatives, and no plastic gum base.


It has an extremely soft chew, and sweetened with natural xylitol for healthy teeth. And because they only use natural ingredients, their gum is biodegradable. Thumbs up for that!


The regular chewing gum is filled with a lot artificial stuff including aspartame, acesulfame-k, BHT, and a plastic gum base.

I definitely recommend you to try this healthy and tasty gum!

Visit Chewsy’s website here.


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