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Tiger On a Gold Leash has a growing audience with over 300,000 followers across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

If you’d like to work with me, find out about past collaborations, for advertising and commercial project enquiries, then please get in touch via e-mail with details of your project at

I’m open to a wide variety of ideas, bringing in my experiences within the fashion, food and travel industry.


Instagram: @melissadesousanunes

Twitter: @melisssadesousa

Facebook: Tiger On Gold Leash

Working together

I am open to offers of working with sponsors in the form of banner advertising, product sample features or other creative endeavours.

Samples: I am open to receiving samples of clothing or beauty products if they are items that I genuinely love and am happy to share with my readers. Note that I only review products that have not been tested on animals since this is something that I’m strongly against.

Samples will be featured in outfit posts and product photography posts and will be linked to for readers to be able to shop the posts.