Renault Clio

This new five-door Renault Clio was the car that I drove for a longer period of time since I’m doing car reviews, for the simplest fact that it’s very economical!

 photo SAM_3927_zpsbuv7km5y.jpg  photo SAM_3918_zpspjqxwqoj.jpg  photo SAM_3900_zpsofflojzt.jpg  photo SAM_3928_zpstgcjf30q.jpg

It has a simple and minimalist interior, although the plastics aren’t and don’t look as cheap as the other Renaults I drove before.

 photo SAM_3940_zpsmg8xnrjy.jpg  photo SAM_3938_zpsl7qsl0hw.jpg

The large touchscreen display is great, especially when you’re using the GPS to get somewhere. Although, every time you want to turn off the GPS, before you arrive to the destination, it’s a tough job! Let’s say the turn off button isn’t very “findable”.

 photo SAM_3937_zpsn61pnlun.jpg  photo SAM_3939_zpse3tezigi.jpg

On the back seats of this Clio you can find enough room for two adults, maybe even three if they’re good friends.

 photo SAM_3933_zpsjpswzdmm.jpg  photo SAM_3935_zpsn2ur1g1o.jpg

The boot is bigger than the old Clio which is perfect for everyone if I may say!

But where the heck do I put my CDs? There’s no such a thing as a CD player! I agree that we’re on this new technological era or whatever and that’s the reason I bring an iPOD with me for the long rides, but I think it’s too early to sell my CDs on Ebay.

More information here.

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Fiat 500

The Cinquecento, like the italian like to call it, was the subject of my second car review.

IMG_4275 copy_zpsdzvzagtt

After the struggles of finding a place to park the BMW (last review), this mini car fits pretty much anywhere. You know when you’re trying to find a place to park and out of a sudden you think you find a spot but… yikes! There’s a Smart parked there. Well the same happens with this Fiat, a very practical town car.





What isn’t that practical is having only three doors. Getting out of the car every time someone wants to come in or out of the back seats can be very annoying, especially if it’s raining. Also, the space at the back seats is a bit limited. If you’re tall, don’t even go in, it will be a challenge for you to get out.



Most of the controls are very logical and you can hook up your phone to the Bluetooth system.



But since being tall isn’t one of my problems and it’s hard to deny the style of this car, I fell in love with the Cinquecento.

Fiat 500 Review from Melissa De Sousa Nunes on Vimeo.

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BMW Series 1

With this new year comes a new project I decided to jump in! A new section on the blog is born and it’s named “Cars”.

This past summer I went crazy searching for the perfect car for me and I realised that finding pratical and straight-forward information in magazines, stores or even on the internet is a challenge! I don’t care about engine sizes, horsepower or curb weights!

I care about being able to listen to good music on my way to college. I care about the space for my shopping bags or my gym bag. I want to be able to fit enough friends in my car so our road trips become cheaper. And yes, I also want to know if my car colour will be matching my outfits. So what?


Not all drivers are car experts and if you agree, my new section of car reviews is perfect for you.

I decided to start with the BMW Series 1. A white one if you’re wondering…Diesel.

This BMW seats up to 5 people, 4 people for long drives, because the middle seat is sort of small. A comfortable car and firm handling at high speeds. The interior  is quite classy and packed with equipment and accessories that you can choose, for example Bluetooth to connect your phone and either receive calls or play music.

There’s not a lot of space in the driver’s seat, which becomes a struggle in winter with all the jackets we wear. On the other hand, the tailgate is big enough to fit a person or two. Which is totally illegal and we would never do something like that.

The exterior design is simple but classy.

This car is great for long drives and city drives. Unless you live in Lisbon, then parking can be a mission but that’s not the car’s fault, shame.

BMW Series 1 from Melissa De Sousa Nunes on Vimeo.

More information here.Untitlgkjed-1

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