VinFast| To the world stage

I’m not quite sure if this is going to be a come back to my car review series, but it will definitely be of the interest of the same type of audience.


A few weeks ago, I had the chance to be part of the launch of two new vehicles at the Paris Motor Show. The company is called VinFast and is a Vietnamese brand launching to the world stage. VinFast got great coverage from International headlines and even David Beckham was present at the press conference where both cars, a sedan and an SUV, both designed by Pininfarina, were launched.

David Beckham launches VinFast at the Paris Motor Show

It’s the first time I’m part of something so big and interesting so it made all sense that I would share it here on the blog.


While preparing everything for the big day, I also had the chance to know more about the Vietnamese culture and how proud the people are of their own country and what they can achieve. Vietnam is definitely on the list of countries I want to visit.

David Beckham launches VinFast at the Paris Motor Show

But in the meantime, I want to wish a great future to VinFast, because it’s definitely doing a lot for Vietnam and it has a combination of skills and innovation that you just don’t see everywhere. It’s great to see a significant new player in the global automotive industry.

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Fiat 500| A new look

Photography| Ingonyama

MelissaCarro 14 of 18_zpsoejchn0t

If you’ve been following my blog you know this isn’t the first time I tried a Fiat 500. It’s one of my favorite cars in terms of design and size and a proof of that is my last year’s review.

MelissaCarro 12 of 18_zpswybnrxe5

MelissaCarro 17 of 18_zpsbdz1qrar

Now I got to that point in my life where I need to buy a new car and the choice is not easy. Also, I want to make sure I buy the right one and to be able to decide I had to try the Cinquecento one more time.

MelissaCarro 2 of 18_zpssdo8p6wl

MelissaCarro 4 of 18_zpscv861tpj

This time I went for a Diesel, which turned out to be much more economical. In terms of space, I like a small car that I can park anywhere, but also with enough interior space because I like my shopping now and then and I have quite tall friends! Of course my friends will complain, especially if I send them to the backseat, but at least my shopping bags will fit. More shopping, less lifts home.

MelissaCarro 7 of 18_zpsdkwvb7qg

Something that let me down on both of the cars was the sound system, so that’s something I’ll have to invest if I decide to go for this car. Even a 5 minutes ride to town needs to have background music. Good sound quality most of all.

MelissaCarro 6 of 18_zpsy6dfjhwv

MelissaCarro 3 of 18_zpsusindw0c

I guess all is left for now is choosing the colours.



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