Olivia’s Favourite Thing in the World – Food|IAMS for Vitality

Olivia is one year old now which basically means she’s an adult cat. She still plays 24 hours a day and makes sure everything goes on the floor just like the first day she arrived at our home. So the only thing that really changed was her food.

unnamed (2)

I’ve done my own research and also asked Olivia’s vet, Olivia (yes, her name is Olivia too) and we both agreed that IAMS for Vitality was a good choice for her first Adult cat dry food.

I wanted to make sure that I picked a brand with wheat-free recipes. If you’ve watched “Pet Fooled” documentary on Netflix you know why. I also wanted something with high levels of protein, in this case, IAMS has up to 91% animal protein for cats. And then the basics, of course, no fillers, artificial flavours or colours, etc.


Of course, Olivia always has the last word, it needed to be something that she would like and this can be very difficult when it comes to dry food. She will always prioritise wet food, but I want to make sure she has both options.


So I was very glad that she started to get excited every time I open the bag of dry food, just like she is when she sees us preparing the wet food.

She’s now been to the vet again and we can confirm she’s very healthy. The only thing we need to keep an eye on is her weight, even though it’s very good now because she loves food it can change and get out of control. So from now on, we will start measuring her portions daily until she gets used to it.

Olivia already tried the Ocean Fish, Lamb and Chicken flavours. The Chicken one is definitely her favourite!

Visit IAMS website to find out about their new Vitality range – http://www.iams.co.uk/


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