Halloween Costumes You’ll Want to Wear All Year Round|Guest Blogger Zara Lewis

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Yes, I know, it’s the perfect time of year to finally drag out your favorite bumblebee costume that can barely fit through the door, and to flaunt that Cat Woman leather ensemble that’s unfortunately inappropriate for most situations outside of Halloween. But, bear with me, because this year is all about mixing pleasure with practicality, and creating equally stunning costumes that can – drumroll, please – be worn long after the 31st of October party is done.

Let’s check out some of these brilliant, scary, sexy and classy ideas you can easily transfer into your wardrobe for later use, and how you can turn your ordinary everyday items into an ingenious costume to steal the spotlight of the party!

A Baywatch babe


A one piece swimsuit is so much more than a winter-perfect choice for indoor swimming sessions. Choose a high-cut, red one with their timeless logo, and not only will you look as hot as hell for your Halloween party, but you’ll also have a useful piece of clothing when beach-weather settles in once again.

Add to that a pair of dark shades, and relaxed beachy waves for your hairdo, light or no makeup at all, and a pair of killer red pumps to match your rescue tube, and you have a rather memorable costume to look forward to.

The one and only – Cher


This star has worn many a daring combo in her career, and you can take your pick amongst her many perfect looks to copy this Halloween. From gloriously glam and glitzy outfits, to all-black and rock ‘n’ roll options, all you need is a long black wig to include in your costume, and you’re good to go.

To keep things interesting, you can also pick up a mic, and pack on some serious bling to replicate her jewelry savvy, and perhaps learn a few lines of her most famous hits.

The sexy goth


Dark and mysterious, these ladies can be found anywhere from your regular muggles, all the way to Bellatrix Lestrange, and they know how to pull off an ominous laugh better than Satan himself. A long, black skirt with lacy add-ons, a sexy gothic corset to flaunt your curves, and the smoky eye makeup routine along with black nail polish, extra lace for the gloves and perhaps a Slash-like top hat.

Let your imagination roam wild and free, because all it takes is thinking dark thoughts and the Morticia Addams attitude to complete the costume.

Go grease


Sandy is the reason we fell in love with leather leggings and the off-shoulder top (even a crop top will do), a belt to match your outfit, and a pair of red sandals to break the black spell. Don’t forget the hairdo and the red lip!

A leather jacket if it’s cold will also go beautifully with the look, and you can easily wear the same combo (with or without the do), mix and match with other footwear, with or without a party to go to.

Marilyn Monroe


It seems that we cannot get enough of beautiful ladies for this year’s Halloween, and the timeless appeal of Marilyn Monroe is just the fashion inspiration you need, not just for this special occasion, but forever. And of course, what outfit of hers do we love the most? The white flowy dress, of course!

Look for an uneven, high-low dress with a belted waist and a nice cleavage, preferably of pleated fabric, to fully mimic the texture of her iconic evening look.

Zara Lewis

Contributing editor at Ripped.me

Contributor at TheWellnessInsider

mail: zaraelewis@gmail.com

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