Naturally White | Billion Dollar Smile

I had the opportunity to test another teeth whitening product with natural ingredients.

We all know how this industry is full of products that say that they do what they don’t, so I believe it’s quite important that I share on the blog the successful experiences.


So, I’ve tried Billion Dollar Smile’s whitening polish toothbrush and it was an amazing finding, formulated by dentists and made in the UK, that I had to introduce to you.

The toothpaste consists of a blend of natural coconut oil, which we all know I love, Charcoal and Pineapple Enzyme, which naturally polishes and makes our teeth naturally become more white.

I’ve been using it every day in place of any regular toothpaste, so it doesn’t take any not extra time on my daily routine. Also, my boyfriend decided to use it too and he’s not even a fan of coconut oil!

I love the fact that it’s packed with natural ingredients and no nasty parabens.

If you want to give it a try, go check the entire range at where you can save 1/3 of the price.

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