Moving like a Minimalist| Minimalism Series

We finally moved to our new flat! It has been very busy lately, but the concept of minimalism helped me deal with the stress of moving. Of course, it will always give you a headache but having less material possessions to move to a new place makes the process so much easier.


So, I will be sharing a few tips to make the moving process easier and quicker, based on my experience.

Make a list of everything you have, organise it by categories, colours, numbers, whatever you think is logical. Here’s my list so you can use it as an example:

  1. Kitchen (Objects and food)
  2. Bathroom (Products and towels)
  3. Bedroom (clothes)
  4. Living room (cables and PC)
  5. Plants
  6. Olivia’s stuff (Olivia is my cat)
  7. Big stuff (This includes a bed, a dining table, two chairs, a wardrobe and a TV)

We don’t own books, DVDs, magazines or any type of collection, apart from my plants, so if your list is longer than ours, don’t panic, it’s totally normal.

You can then use this list to label your boxes and it will be so much easier to unpack on the new house, because you know where everything is and where everything goes.

Make a second list with all the places and companies you need to contact in order to replace your old address with your new address. Things like your bank, workplace, medical centre, car insurance, etc. Some of them will let you do this in advance, which means that you will save the money of having to redirect all your mail from your old house to the new one. I took this opportunity to also go paperless with the last few companies and services that I wasn’t yet.

Visit the new house and take all measurements before moving in. This will make sure that you can get rid of everything that doesn’t fit or is not needed in the new house before you start packing. I moved to a smaller flat, so I gladly donated so many things to charity.

Don’t buy anything right before you move. Wait to live in the new house for a few weeks to make sure that what you’re about to buy is really necessary. If you don’t have a something essential, like a bed, for example, and need to buy one, of course you must buy it straight away instead of waiting. But it’s always better to get it delivered to the new house, so it’s one less thing to move.

Move on the right day. If you have the option to choose when you can move, I would advise you move on a day when you’re not working the following day. You will feel so tired and because it won’t give you time to organise everything in your home, it will take ages for you to find something before you leave the house! I arranged to move in a bank holiday weekend. Even though I didn’t get to choose the weather and it was raining a lot, at least my boyfriend and I had the day off of work the following day and we took the day to unpack and rest before going back to the normal routine.

Keep in mind that in a few days everything will be over. All the struggle and stress will disappear once you move to the new place. So if you feel like you’re reaching a breakdown with all the things you need to deal with and you haven’t yet, remember that it will all be over soon and imagine yourself enjoying a nice drink on your new living room.

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