Keeping Squats Low and the Music Volume High| Sudio Review

Gym days have been great! I’m past the sore days after a workout and I’m eating healthier every day, which really helps to stay active and to feel motivated too.


There was only one thing bothering me up until a few weeks ago. I love listening to music while working out. It makes the time go faster without me realising how much of an effort I’m actually doing. But it’s hard to find earphones that can keep up with all the movements. Until I decided to pay a visit to Sudio’s website.


I already own a pair of headphones from Sudio that really help me with my meditation sessions and my train journeys to London. You can read my review here.

But those headphones are not fit for the gym, they’re too big even though they’re very comfy.


I needed something smaller and practical, I needed a Vasa BLÅ – Rose Gold White, a wireless in-ear model with 9+ hour battery life, rose gold detailing, and studio quality sound. They’re not only stylish but they’re extremely useful because you can just put them around your neck even when you’re not using them.

You can get 15% off by using my code at checkout –  TIGER15


You can find the model I’m using here.

And you can check the entire collection here.

Sudio is offering a complimentary tote bag with every purchase at the moment, so hurry up!

Once you try them out please leave me a comment below, I would love to hear about your experience and it gives you a chance to be featured on my Instagram!


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