De-clutter your work desk| Minimalism Series

If you’d search for my desk in the office, it will be easy to find. I’m the one who only keeps her phone, notebook and bottle of water on top of the desk.


Keeping your desk de-cluttered is a way of keeping your thoughts organised without having objects that might distract you from what you need to be focusing on at that specific moment.

When you work with deadlines like I do, any minute is precious and I can’t waste time trying to find a specific pen or trying to look for that post-it that, “I know for sure it’s here, but takes me half an hour to find it”.

Half of the stress tends to come from our environment and not always from the things that our bosses or co-workers throw at us to do during the day. Stress will always be there, but it’s important to find ways of avoiding it.

Here are a few tips to keep a tidy desk:

  • Use Sticky notes on your computer instead of using paper Post-its.
  • You can scan all documents and keep them on your computer drive. Then you can take those hard copy documents and throw them away, if you’re not able to do so because they’re too important, keep them on a folder in your drawers. Just make sure it’s not on top of your desk.
  • If you made yourself a cup of coffee, before you decide to make another one, just pay a quick visit to the kitchen, wash your cup and re-use it. You might think you don’t have time to do this, but you actually do and getting away from your computer once in a while is very important in order to be able to focus.
  • Business cards don’t need to be lying around on top of your desk. Here’s a useful tip – If you’ve kept your mobile phone box, these boxes are great to store business cards if you don’t have one of those specific folders for them.
  • Magazines – Do you really want your boss to see that kind of distractions on your desk? That doesn’t show a lot of professionalism and I’m sure you’ll have the opportunity to read these in your free time. Keep distractions away!
  • Plastic bottles everywhere. People looove to keep those around. Get yourself a nice steel water bottle like the one they have at Zephyr Eco Market and you’ll be able to save money and the planet by not using all those plastic bottles.
  • Another thing that seems to grow on your desks is pens. We only need one at a time, maybe two if you’re on the phone and you just run out of ink, but more than that is too much and means clutter all the way!

I hope these tips were useful or at least made you aware of what you can get rid of straight away, and I hope you have a less stressful work experience from now on.

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