Free the Sound| Sudio Review

There’s nothing that gets me more upset than being in the middle of a meditation section and getting interrupted by external noises. Or even when I’m on the train listening to my own music and the person next to me has really bad quality earphones, so I can hear their horrible taste in music.


But recently, I found a new pair of wireless earphones with 24+ hours of playtime and it only takes 10 minutes to charge!


It has an impeccable balance of instrumental tones and noise clarity. I was very surprised with the sound quality and definition, but most of all because every time I listen to music or do my meditation it’s like a whole new experience.

The brand is called Sudio and you can get 15% off by using my code at checkout –  TIGER15


You can find the model I’m using here.

And you can check the entire collection here.

Sudio is offering a complimentary tote bag with every purchase at the moment, so hurry up!

Once you try them out please leave me a comment below, I would love to hear about your experience and it gives you a chance to be featured on my Instagram!

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