Turn off social media notifications on your phone| Minimalism Series

Don’t you just love when you’re talking to someone and they keep getting distracted by their phone? What about when that ‘someone’ is actually you?

Those damn notifications are always there and they make us unproductive, unreliable and inattentive.

Guess what, you are so used to visit social media that you don’t need notifications to keep reminding you where and when you need to open that app. Your brain is already programmed to keep clicking on those logos every time you unlock your phone. You know you’ll open it eventually and find out what is happening. There is nothing urgent going on while you’re away, trust me.


As a Social Media Manager and Blogger, I can assure you that things, like sharing a picture online and checking how the engagement is doing, is one of the main thoughts always alive in my brain. But that’s not healthy and I found a few tricks to fight it. You can read more about it here – Social Media Weekend Detox

I’ve decided the only notifications I would receive on my phone would be from Whatsapp or Messenger, but even those were carefully selected. I’ve muted certain groups that are not as important and every time someones sends a message on these, I see it once I open the app. Not a big deal and no one will get upset with you for not replying straight away. If it’s urgent, they’ll call.

So here’s a challenge for 2018 – turn off social media notifications on your phone, and let me know how it goes by leaving a comment below.

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3 thoughts on “Turn off social media notifications on your phone| Minimalism Series

  1. Thanks a lot for following my blog. Referring to your post, I found blogging much more involving and time consuming than social media. But I know that to build an audience you need to devote much of your time (checking others’ blogs, reading, commenting). It’s a kind of circle you can’t really escape. How do you cope with that?

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    1. Excellent question! I find that scheduling a specific time of the day or week to focus on blogging really helps. For example, I have one hour commute every day to work, and then one hour back home, and because I travel by train, I can use that time to write posts, follow an read other blogs, answers comments, etc. Which means that once I get hoe I can shut down my phone and computer and just really enjoy the time with my family.

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      1. I see. I used to travel to work by car (no other option), so that didn’t work this way. I try to catch up late evening when my daughter finally gets to bed but that doesn’t give me a lot of time. I will have to think it over once again 🙂

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