Anatomicals| We Only Want You For Your Body

First post of the year!

Everyone is back at work and Christmas stress is history, but we’re still recovering, our skin is still recovering… and that’s why I had the opportunity to test a few products from Anatomicals, the brand that only wants you for your body. 

Besides their packaging designs with cheeky messages, they have an entire range of products that make you feel great and are not animal tested!

In a month I’ve tried 3 different face masks:


Farewell the scarlet pimplehell – a deep cleansing mud mask for your face. Great to clear the pores and helps with acne scars. A bit itchy after 5 minutes of applying it, but then I got used to it and left my skin extremely soft, even the following day.


No breakouts, it’s Alcatraz for spots – a purifying charcoal mask. This was my favourite, even thought it was itchy the moment I started applying it. I’ve used it on the 1st of January, after wearing make up for an entire night (NYE) and it did miracles with my skin.

That’s what we call stung – a skin boosting honey mask. You know how they say honey helps with everything? It really does. I’ve tried this one with my mom and sister. We all have different types of skin, but we all felt the benefits. It leaves a slight yellow colour in the skin, but you can remove it with micellar water or any makeup remover.


I’ve also tried the Smother Superior Nun Better Body Butter, an amazing bergamot and green ginger body butter that makes you feel like you’re floating up in the clouds after every shower. It left my skin very soft and smooth.

I was also the lucky winner of Anatomicals Christmas Giveaway and I got the Let the Gels Ring Out for Christmas. A set of shower gel-filled festive baubles! Inside their casings I found a zesty orange and clove shower gel – a spicy and citrus blend that I’m still using for my showers.IMG_7893

 I must say I have a crush on these products since day one and even Olivia was curious about them as you can see in the picture. Now it’s time you give them a try too!



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