Korean flavour| Kimchee Restaurant

My sister is the biggest fan of Korean culture I’ve ever met and when my bestfriend came to visit us in London, we decided to go out for dinner, and guess where we ended up going? Kimchee Restaurant.


Kimchee is a new, contemporary Korean restaurant just a stone’s throw from King’s Cross and St. Pancras Stations, in Pancras Square. And good thing I made a reservation because there weren’t many tables available.


I’ve tasted Korean food for the first time a few months ago and quickly I realised that you can never go wrong when going for Korean food. It is simply delicious.

Here are our orders: Chicken Bibim Raw Egg, Tofu Bibim, Beef Bibim and Kimchee Jjigae.




We left the restaurant planning when we could visit it again soon, so I guess that says a lot!


I’m also planning a trip to Korea, Seoul to be exact. So if we have any suggestions, please leave them in a comment below.

Visit Kimchee on Tripadvisor.

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4 thoughts on “Korean flavour| Kimchee Restaurant

  1. livelovetravelx

    Great food!!!
    I live in Korea, so if you need any tips etc, let me know.
    I have a Korea food section on my blog

    You muuuust book a tour to see the DMZ when you are here :)! And try venture outside of Seoul, as it’s prettier. There is now a KTX from Seoul to the east coast where I am, and is beautiful here :)! If you search Korea on my blog, there are some sightseeing things there 🙂


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