Sort through your inbox until it reaches zero| Minimalism Series

There’s nothing like that feeling of accomplishment after cleaning all of your e-mails and reaching zero on your inbox!

It’s important to have a cleared inbox for several reasons.

  • It makes it easier to be on top of any important tasks.
  • It allows you to reply to coming e-mails straight away without being distracted by old ones.
  • It saves you time when you need to find a specific e-mail on your inbox.


vOLUME oNE.png

I clean my personal and work e-mail inboxes each morning. It makes me plan the rest of the day better because I know exactly what will be my tasks for that day.

By cleaning my e-mails in the morning I can also make sure that any coming e-mails during the day are replied quicker.

If you’ve never reached zero on your inbox, my advice is to start setting aside 20 minutes a day to start cleaning these up.

While you’re cleaning your inbox make sure you:

  • unsubscribe from unnecessary email marketing. This will also help fight that temptation to spend money on things that you don’t really need.
  • create folders to organise your e-mails. This means the e-mail will leave your inbox but if you need to access it later you’ll be able to find it in a folder.

I notice that this simple habit turned me into a more productive person and I’ve been having compliments on how quickly and effectively I reply to e-mails at work. So I hope my tips will help you improve your performance too.

If you have any other tips please leave them in a comment below.

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