Empty your handbag | Minimalism Series

Handbags make it so easy to collect stuff that it started being the cause of a lot of back pains. And we’re all aware that a big part of what we have inside our handbags is not even necessary, but we never actually take the time to decluter it. Let’s change that!


First, tip your handbag upside down and watch the dust and debris shower down. Keep in mind that the less you have in there, the less you will have to carry around and the less tired you’ll be.

Get rid of:

  • receipts,
  • sticky notes,
  • loyalty cards that you never use,
  • multiple items like pens and lip balms for example.

Keep at home/office:

  • Anything that you don’t need on that day,
  • Small bags that you use inside your handbag,
  • things that you don’t really need to be carrying all day because you will only need it for a specific time of the day, where you are at the office for example. Leave it there instead.


  • using self-service tills so you can use all your coins to pay and not carry so much weight;
  • not bringing so many receipts home. Either ask for no receipt, opt for e-mail receipts or recycle it when you don’t need it anymore.
  • taking advantage of all the apps on your smartphone, such as calendar, calculator, notes, lists, etc, and get rid of paper.

I used to be one of those people who would carry plenty of bags to work. My main handbag, my gym bag, my lunch bag, my change-of-shoes bag… and it did not only made it easier to forget things but any trip to work would be stressful, especially when taking the underground during peak times or find a seat on the train where I could fit all my stuff.

I’m very proud to say that I only carry a handbag today, where I can fit all the essentials and I never miss anything. It gives me peace of mind and any journey to work became much more practical.

If you have any other tips to decluter your handbag please leave them in a comment below.

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