Reasons to start cycling today

If you haven’t yet discovered the wonders of cycling, you are about to, after reading this post. Either you’re a minimalist, Eco friendly, or whatever you like to label yourself, owning a bike and actually use it, is great in so many levels. Here are a few reasons why you should get a bike, now.


1. Exercise. I’ve decided to quit the gym since May. Most of the times it just made me feel guilty for not having time to go there. But you know what I have time to do? To cycle! Because I do it to go to work every day! Cycling burns an enormous amount of calories, and takes you places whilst you’re doing it.

2. Green. Bikes don’t release toxic gases. And they don’t take that much energy to make and transport. They run on good old clean human energy and extra calories!

3. Takes up less space. Bikes can fit in doorways, in the front garden, in alleyways, and in sheds. They can be parked on lamp posts, fences and railings. They’re great for city dwellers, studio flats, apartments, not to mention Minimalists!

4. Easier to maintain. Bike pieces are cheap and a lot of bike shops will help you out for free if you buy the parts from them.

5. Faster. One of the things I’ve been enjoying the most since I’ve got my bike is look at people stuck in a traffic jam and me still being able to cycle all the way through.

6. Quieter. There’s nothing more Zen than the silence of a bike, maybe my house on Sunday mornings when everyone is asleep, but not the point. Imagine the morning rush with no horns or beeps, engine hums and roars or people venting their road rage. Just a few cyclist’s bell things and the quiet clicks of the pedals running.

And these are just a few reasons why I’ve decided to get a bike. If you have more, please share on the comments below!

If you’re curious to know which bike I got head to my Instagram where I’ve been sharing a few pictures!


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4 thoughts on “Reasons to start cycling today

  1. I’ve been trying to cycle all my errands on weekends – it’s lovely to have no timeline so I’m not worried about rushing, or getting in trouble for being late. I can also only carry so much in my backpack so cycling errands seriously reduces the clutter being brought home. Thanks for reminding us all why bicycles are so awesome.

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