Oblix Restaurant Review

For me, The Shard, is one of the most beautiful buildings in London and I’ve always been curious about the views from up there. So on my boyfriend’s and my second year anniversary, we’ve decided to have dinner at one of the Shard’s restaurants, The Oblix.


You have the option to have dinner at the restaurant or at the Lounge, where you can still order from the menu a la carte, but the ambience is slightly different.

We’ve chosen the lounge with live music and the same amazing views from the city of London. It’s when you are up there that you realise how big and energetic this city can be. In a way it makes me feel good about the fact that I have the privilege to work in such an amazing city. But I also loved the thought of every day being able to go back home to a calmer area such as Kent. It’s great to have the best of both worlds.


But enough with the views and let’s talk about food!

I ordered the lobster & scallop ceviche, jalapeno, coriander & sweet pepper. I haven’t eaten lobster in quite a while because not every chef knows how to cook a proper one. But I trusted the chef this time and, good thing I did because it was simply delicious. As a side, I went for the green beans, pancetta & truffled ricotta. Let me tell you, it was a match made in heaven.



My boyfriend ordered the sea bass, fennel & olives and for a meat lover, he had to confess he enjoyed it a lot. As a side, he had the mashed potatoes, garlic crisps, which, of course, I had to steal and I recommend it 100%.



For dessert, we both have very similar tastes and we both chose the pecan nut & chocolate bar, crunchy bourbon ice cream. One for each, because desserts were not made to share. We both agreed that it was delicious but we wouldn’t add as much pecan nut. It’s a bit overwhelming.


Overall, it was a great experience, and even though you might look at the prices and think it’s too expensive, I would recommend it at least once in your life. You will not feel sorry.

Visit Oblix on Tripdavisor.


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