Get rid of unused makeup, skin/hair care products| Minimalism Series

Most girls like to show off their beauty products collection and talk about how many amazing lipsticks they have, even though they  probably don’t use half of them.


I’ve never been one of these girls, but I need to admit that I had a lot of beauty products, enough to spend too much time searching for a specific one and that would drive me crazy. But that’s not the only reason why I took this challenge, here are a few more reasons.

  1. When it comes to expiration dates, eye makeup is to discard after three months. That includes everything from mascara to eyeliner to all types of eye shadow, even the powder form. The reason being that your eyes have sensitive mucous membranes around them that can become irritated if you are using products that have bacteria growing in them, which can easily happen by the three-month mark.
  2. Lip care products should usually be tossed at the one-year mark. If they become goopy when you try and spread them on your lips, it is a sure sign they should be discarded immediately.
  3. If you use a regular store brand or salon brand of hair care products, they will usually retain their benefits for up to 18 months. However, there are a lot of brands out now which advertise the use of Botanicals in their products. If that is the case, they are most likely not using the preservatives and additives in the products that make their shelf life longer, so you will need to watch for a change in consistency and smell to tell you if it is past it’s expiration.
  4. The “haul culture” of beauty (and fashion) blogging encourages women to purchase every new release or cult product, and own a multitude of products that do exactly the same thing. Receiving beauty samples on a somewhat regular basis encourages this habit and it’s surprising how quickly drawers and countertops fill up with unnecessary, unused, or unwanted items.

I’ve started investing in specific organic, natural, non animal tested brand products that I really like and are appropriate to my skin and hair type. And I only buy a product if I don’t have a similar one at home or my recent one just run out.

What happened to all my beauty products?

I separated the items I could donate or pass on to friends from those that were out of date or broken beyond use; I kept any make-up I use regularly and the products I knew I would use up but probably not replace.

So here’s my advice, finish those leftovers that you have since months ago or give it to someone who will use it more frequently. If you don’t want to throw products away, start using them more until you finish them and then don’t buy more of that specific product. Just make sure you trow away every expired product.

Note: If you’re looking at disposing your beauty products there’s a few rules you have to follow. This blog post will help you do it the right way – 

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