Unfollow and Unfriend| Minimalism Series

I’ve always followed the rule “If you think a photo is too private to share on social media, maybe the problem is not with the photo but the people you have as connections”.

tiger on a gold leash

As a blogger and social media manager one of my priorities is being able to keep a certain privacy in my life. That doesn’t mean that I will stop sharing certain things, I will just share it on specific channels where I have a restricted amount of friends.

If you are looking at cleaning up your followers and being more selective about who you follow and who are your friends on Facebook or any other social media channel, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You don’t need to stay online friends with people you haven’t spoken to in years. Go through your list and downsize.
  • Instead of criticising people who share things you don’t believe in or like, maybe hit the unfollow button and stop seeing it on your feed.
  • Make sure the people you follow share content that you find interesting and that makes you feel good. It will even become a bigger excitement to login into your accounts.
  • Most of the people don’t even notice that you unfriended or unfollowed them, so don’t think too much about it and just do it.

I keep my Facebook account very private with less than 300 friends, all of them are family or close friends. I noticed that by having less friends it doesn’t get me as many likes on posts or photos, but allows me to engage much more with people who are closest to me and that feels great.

My LinkedIn account is strictly for business. I always make sure I connect with people who work or have worked with me in the past and like that I know exactly what kind of posts I should share because I’m aware of my audience.

On my Instagram account I follow, not only my friends and family, but any account that inspires me. I like to go through my feed and see lovely photos of plants, funny pics of animals, restaurant suggestions from bloggers and seeing my friends and family sharing a bit of their lives.

On Twitter I follow brands and bloggers most of all. It’s great to be part of a community and share blogging and lifestyle tips. But every time I see something I’m against, such as race, violence and anything I believe is disrespectful, even if it comes from someone who I spoke before, I will unfollow that someone.

Use the power that you have of controlling what you see on social media. Read more about my experience during a Social Media Weekend Detox and get inspired.

If you’ve tried this challenge before I would love to read your experience on the comments’ section.


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