Pampa Hamper| Review

I take relaxing time really seriously and having bath bombs and scented candles at home is a must to feel good. You never know when you’ll have a hard day at work and need “me time” when you get home.


I’ve recently subscribed to Pampa Hamper, a box with a range of hand-made Bath and Pamper treats.


My first box arrived on a Saturday morning, my first day of holidays before I headed to Portugal, so imagine how happy I was. Especially because the moment that box entered my apartment it left the most wonderful smell.


This is the first time I use bath bombs from a different brand other than Lush and I was a bit sceptical about this subscription. But you can stop it at any time, so it’s always great to give it a try. And I have a discount code just for my followers, so you definitely should give it a try. I’ll speak about this later in this post.

The box came with 2 bubble baths, a scented candle (Summer Fruits), one hand-made soap, bath salts and a gift of an extra bubble bath.

I always light up the scented candle in the evening so it leaves a great smell in the apartment and relaxes everyone before going to bed. It’s been a week already since I use it every evening so it lasts for quite a while.


The bubble baths were lovely too and left my skin feel extremely smoothly, even the following day. It’s like I didn’t need moisturiser at all.


The bath salts are perfect if you want to enjoy a hot bath, but I also enjoy, after a long day of work, putting them in a recipient with warm water and put my feet in while I watch an episode on Netflix. That’s Hygge right there!


The hand-made soap is being used by everyone at home at the moment, every time they wash their hands and everyone is commenting how good it smells, and it doesn’t leave your skin dry afterwards, which happens with many other soaps.


So in general it’s a really great box, the products are not tested on animals, everything is 100% hand-made, it’s vegan friendly and 30% less expensive than buying these same products at Lush.

If you want to give it a try you can use my discount: TIGERDISCOUNT and get your first box for £7.99 instead of £10.00.

You can visit their website here – Pampa Hamper

I’ll be sharing the second box on Instagram so be sure to be following me: @melissadesousanunes


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