Shopping is not making you happy

And you can hate me for saying this but deep down, you know I’m right.

Just think about it. Do your clothes make you happy when you buy them? Of course! All that shopping spree, new stuff on the wardrobe, you can’t wait for an excuse to wear it. But what about when the excitement fades away and your new stuff tends to lose its in-store magic?

A new survey of international buying habits has found that we buy far more than we need and use. But the mindless overconsumption of fashion has become our cultural norm.

If you’ve been following my blog you know that I recently started following the minimalism lifestyle, so I’ve been reading a lot of articles and this week I came across one from Greenpeace that talked about “Stuffocation”. It describes a state where people’s lives are trapped in a vicious cycle of working and accumulating products in order to keep up with the pace of consumerism.


I was trapped in that cycle and if you’re still reading this post chances are you are also trapped. So how did I stop?

The same survey showed that ads, promotions and 1-click buying functions are all designed to trigger impulse buying. The rate of buying increases the more companies speed up delivery. Therefore, the slower the buying process, the lower the desire to shop. so break free from the cycle of consumerism, you need to slow down.

Now every time I find myself about to buy something new online, I give myself a few minutes to think. Do I need that? When am I going to wear that? Don’t I have something similar in my wardrobe?

Following this rule helped me have a better organised wardrobe constantly and I can say I wear every single piece of clothing! I don’t spend hours trying to figure out what to wear each morning and that saves me so much stress.

It’s not only Fashion. The same goes for everything that you buy. But I’m still learning from this new concept, so I’ll keep you updated once I become more experienced.


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