Flores no Cais| Florist

So here I am dealing with the fact that my obsession for plants keeps growing a little bit more every day.


After heading to Portugal for holidays and feeling really bad about leaving my plants behind, (they survived six days without me), I’ve found this beautiful florist.



The shop itself is already quite astonishing, full of windows and amazing lightning, but the very good service and diversity of plants makes it even greater.




I felt in love with the Bonsai area, but I’m not at that responsibility level yet. I’ve been taking care of an orchid since February, which I think is already a big achievement, so let’s take it slowly.



So here I am, calling the airlines, asking if I’m allowed to bring plants with me on board. The good news is, they said yes, and I might just take the whole shop with me to London. Yes, there are amazing florists in London too, but go visit this one and then we’ll talk.



Visit Flores no Cais page here.


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