Georganics Review

One of my latest goals is to replace all of my products for natural, organic and non-animal tested ones. Not only for environmental reasons, but also for a healthier lifestyle.


After wearing braces for 2 years and having now finally remove them, one of my main concerns is to maintain a healthy smile, so when I read about Georganics’ products I had to give it a try.

I was tired of industrially-produced toothpaste that leave a fresh but weird flavour on your mouth. For example I used to wash my teeth after eating something really good and my mouth would automatically taste like chemicals. Disgusting.

So a month ago I start using Georganics natural and organic coconut oil remineralizing toothpaste and coconut oil pulling mouthwash. You can try different flavours, I went for the red mandarin, but at the bottom of this post I’ll leave a link with a list of a few more and how you can get them with a special discount.


First week – I was so excited about the new products that I probably started brushing my teeth more than 3 times a day. I would eat anything and brush my teeth straight away knowing that it wouldn’t leave that weird taste in my mouth. It felt natural.

Second week – I started noticing that, even though before my gums used to hurt me before every time I would bite something with a bit more strength, now I can eat whatever I want. It doesn’t hurt anymore. It feels healthy already.

Third week – I was scared that being a natural product and not having so many chemicals it wouldn’t maintain my teeth white like normal toothpastes, but it definitely does maintain, they’re probably more white now than before and they’re still healthy.

Fourth week – I went to Portugal and forgot my toothpaste at home so had to use a normal one. Most horrible experience ever. I’m definitely not going back.


Georganics have very clear principles. They don’t need to use artificial, synthetically made chemicals to have clean teeth or kill bad bacteria in our mouth. Instead they source each ingredient from pure and organic sources. They also believe that materials and ingredients not found in nature, often chemically altered, are toxic and not safe for us. Ingredients that undergo process of alteration and modification from their natural form, also become harmful and unsafe for us to use.

So they only use organic ingredients (real plants and fruits) from certified organic farms/crops and also inorganic ingredients (minerals and salts) from pure and unaltered sources.

If you would like to try these products too, I have great news for you. I’m offering a 20% off discount code to all my followers.

This code is valid till the 31st of May 2017. Can only be used once per person.

Code: Meli20

Visit Georganics website and use your discount code here.


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