Why You Should Move Abroad

I left Portugal, my country, for the first time when I was only 10 years old. Lived in several countries from cold Belgium to warm South Africa. I went back to Portugal several times, but once you get the taste of different cultures it’s hard to go back and just live with a single one, so I kept moving.

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Today I’m living in England and, of course I struggle with the cold weather, but that’s what makes me enjoy even more every time I go visit my family and friends in Portugal.

I’m loving my current lifestyle and I don’t know what expects me tomorrow, but I know all the reasons why I decided to move abroad and here’s why you should consider doing it too:

And upgrade on your linguistic skills

Conversations with native speakers are the best way to upgrade and touch up linguistic skills, which is great, not only for your career but for your life experiences in general. I speak four languages, Portuguese, Spanish, French and English. I understand a few more and my native language is now a mix of all of the above, but people still understand me, so that’s great!

Creativity unleashed

Living in a new environment will stimulate your cognitive function, imagination, and creativity, all of which are critical to professional growth. Whether or not you have a 9-5 job, moving to a new environment exposes you to new people and everyday experiences that’ll require a 180° change of perspective and at the same time boosting your creative potential. My mind is like a browser with multiple tabs open and this is ALL THE TIME.

Organizational Skills

Moving abroad requires careful planning and organization. The new environment can improve your time management and budget planning skills and help you become a better planner and organizer in private and professional life. I never thought I was so good at saving money and managing my time until I moved to England and got my first job and first apartment.


Every society is governed by its own set of rules and values which you’ll come across as soon as you arrive in a new environment. As a foreigner, you’ll have to adapt and follow these rules, but you’ll also learn to appreciate differences more, and the experience will boost your tolerance and soft skills. Something I learn every time I move to a new country is that my beliefs and common sense is always progressing and getting adapt to new experiences.


Besides what a lot of people think, not living in your country does not equal sadness. It’s actually fun and exciting. Every day you find about something new and it’s pretty much like being constantly travelling.

Last year, for example, I spent my first Christmas in England and I had no idea how traditionally English people were. It was fascinating! All the decorations, the events, the food, the music. Now I want to spend every Christmas in this country.

I could keep writing about my experiences all life long, but my point is, if you get a chance to move abroad, take the opportunity, and act on it right away. The experience will change you completely. The world awaits you.


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13 thoughts on “Why You Should Move Abroad

  1. Such a beautiful article! Great points! Loved the nice structure too!
    It’s so amazing to be able to move from your country and experience something new, be it for a few months even. I truly believe everybody should experience something new at least once. You can learn so much about others but mostly about yourself.

    Great post! Will follow!

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  2. Thanks for sharing. I could really relate to this post. I am British, have spent two years lving in France, one in German and have lived in Swizterland for the last eight years. Whilst I am hugely grateful for my roots, I am not sure that I could go ‘back’ now. I have just started a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you have time to look? Have a good day, Sam 🙂

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