What to wear on an airplane

Comfortable and practical are key words when it comes to picking up the best outfits for wflong and even short plane rides. It might look like a nightmare at first: You start thinking about the weather on your current location and then you realize it’s much hotter or colder on your destination. Then you remember it’s super cold up in the clouds, but some air companies provide blankets. What should you do?Too much to handle!

Let me help you with a few simple tricks that will take your struggle away for any of your next trips. Here are the pieces I always include when deciding what to wear on an airplane:

1. Jeans – The key to be comfortable without feeling too dressed down and tired. Jeans are the perfect in between.

2. Flats – You are not a flight attendant to be rocking the heels while traveling. You’re allowed to slip into some nice flats or sneakers, especially if you know you’ll be walking a lot around the airport. I’ve never been to an airport where I didn’t have to walk for hours.


3. Favorite Tee – Switching between a tee and more dressed up tops depending on  your mood is crucial to have a comfortable trip.aa

4. Small Bag – Most airlines allow a carry on and a personal item, so always make sure to have one bag that’s a little smaller and can fit under the seat in front of you. You can later wear that bag a few times while on our holidays’ destination.

5. Pack a layer – Inside the small bag, you can pack an extra layer because it’s always very warm when you’re first getting on the plane and then freezing once you’re in the air!


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