Sand Cloud Ambassador

I’m very excited to announce that I was selected as an ambassador for Sand Cloud!

Being such a big fan of the sea and conscious about the environment in general made me want to do something about it and participate in such a serious cause.


Sand Cloud’s mission is to protect our oceans and marina life.

  • Did you know that 85% of litter found in oceans today is made of plastic?
  • That 52% of marine life have ingested plastic?
  • And 30% of Marine life have been entangled in plastic debris?

Taking into account that 93% of Earth’s habitat space is the ocean, these percentages are just too high for us not to do something about it.

If you want to help supporting this cause you can share this post and, because I know you all love nice promotion codes for your online shopping, you can use my Promo code for 25% discount in Sand Cloud’s Collection. 10% of their net profits are donated to organizations that help preserving and protecting beaches, oceans, and Marine Life.

Promo Code: Nunes25

But if these numbers didn’t make you realize how big is the issue, feel free to visit Sand Cloud’s website and read more about this cause.


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