How to pack light| My Top Secrets

Stressing before a trip is a luxury I don’t have time for so I started creating a few routines that help me get ready, effectively and quickly! One of them is packing light7311f5af2e1c64c72ca684963f9e8d0e

And yes you can do it, I used to be just like you. Here are my top tips:


One of each, and take half out
Lay out everything out you could possibly need or want for your upcoming trip, then ditch half. Eight sets of jeans? Take out four, and only one of each type. Four white Ts? Choose two. Two bags? Pick your favourite. You may feel like you need it, but trust me, once you reach your destination you won’t even remember what you left behind.

Shop when you arrive
Always remember that there are many things you can simply buy at your destination at a cost less than the penalty for oversized luggage. You know you will be shopping anyway and if you do it you can shop for exactly what you need.

Forget the “just in case” pieces
You know what I’m talking about, and you know exactly that the “just in case” very rarely happens and if it does, dealing with it will be part of your travelling adventures. That’s the beauty of it!98bdbb035ad1ca40da4a3a8017eac389

Travel sets are precious!
There is absolutely no need to carry a bag full of beauty products when you’re only going to use 50ml of each item. You can also create a capsule makeup collection: your favourite foundation and a perfect shade of lipstick are probably enough and the rest you can buy or not use it at all.

Choose the lightweight option
Little things add up, and before you know it, you’re 10kg too heavy. Find the lighter option to everything you will need. Dont’ forget that the suitcase itself can end up being one of the heaviest things you take on your trip, try to opt for a lightweight design.

Pack shoes strategically
Here are the three basic principles when choosing which shoes to take with you:

  1. Don’t take new shoes you haven’t worn before
  2. Exclude old shoes You’ve worn too much
  3. No one should need more than 3 pairs of shoes while travelling.

If you have more tips feel free to leave a comment below. I’m sure I still have a lot to learn and everyone else will also want to know them.


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