My Lisbon Guide| Nicolau Lisboa

This is currently one of the trendiest places in Lisbon. You’ll see plenty of bloggers and non-bloggers ordering their food while preparing their phones’ camera.


The place is indeed very well decorated, especially their kitchen. I want one of those when I build my own house! Although, I didn’t enjoy the ambiance in general. I found the background music just too loud. People were chatting and they had to practically scream so they could be heard. Now imagine the noise when the whole cafe was completely crowded. There was even people outside waiting in a queue.



Nicolau Lisboa is located in the centre of Lisbon and is perfect for an afternoon break after all the shopping in town. This is also one of the biggest reasons why it’s so hard to find a table even on a week day.



Another reason why Nicolau is so famous is because they have a wonderful healthy menu. There’s plenty of choices, even though my recommendation is definitely their pancakes. Simply delicious! It took exactly 40 minutes for the waiter to give us ours, but I will look at it as a human mistake and give it a second chance next time I’m in Lisbon. Maybe a brunch next time?



Visit Nicolau Lisboa’s page here.

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