January GIVEAWAY| Selfie LED light

I got really good feedback from my followers after the latest Christmas Giveaway. A lot of capture1people asked me for more, so I decided to run a Giveaway per month.

This month I chose a gift that a lot of people, including my friends, always thought of getting one, but they are just too embarrassed to admit it: a selfie light.

Yes, it’s exactly what you are thinking of, a special light for your phone selfies. This particular one is a LED light in the form of a circle that you can attach to your phone whether you have an iPhone, Samsung or any other model.

It has 3 levels of brightness and is what makes the difference between your night photos and blogger’s night photos on Instagram.

So here’s your chance to win one!

You just need to follow the steps on this link:


Terms and conditions

1. This is an international giveaway.

2. Giveaway will end at 12 am (UK time) on the 31st of January. Winner will be picked at random via rafflecopter.com.

3.  Winners will be announced by email on the 1st of February.

4.Postage supplied.

5. Entries will be checked and respecting the requirements of the giveaway is mandatory.


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19 thoughts on “January GIVEAWAY| Selfie LED light

  1. Hayley Todd

    I loved reading your Lisbon guides. My husband and I are thinking of travelling this summer and after reading your blog posts, I think Lisbon has got to be on our destination list.

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