Cities to visit during Winter

Travelling is on most of people’s bucket list for 2017 so it makes perfectly sense that I start this year posting a list of my favourite places to visit during Winter.

London, United Kingdom

Now that all the festivities are over, flights are cheaper than ever so you can find really good deals if you fly to London, or even if you decide to take the train and enjoy the views on your way there. The most touristic points are less crowded during this time of the year, but I would recommend you to visit neighbourhoods such as Notting Hill and take a tour to a few street markets such as Camden and Portobello Market.

This post might get you inspired planning your trip:

Paris, France

Have you ever been to Paris on a very cold but sunny day? It’s beautiful and it has it’s own magic. You can mix long walks by the seine with visits to museums and shops. That way you can keep yourself warm and enjoy this great city.

Here is the link to my last winter trip to Paris for some inspiration:

Brussels, Belgium

It’s always a good time to visit Brussels but I was there in June and trust me, you don’t want to be walking around that city with 30 degrees! If you visit Brussels during winter you get to enjoy their cozy little cafés and restaurants. Here is a list of the ones I already tried and definitely recommend:

Bucharest, Romania

I visited Bucharest for the first time in 2016 and amongst other things I found out that they have amazing food and really great places to visit. It’s not a city full of tourists so you will be able to go anywhere without being too crowded. But I would definitely advise you to make restaurant reservations, just in case! Here are a few posts I wrote during my stat in Bucharest:

Lisbon, Portugal

If you like to travel during winter but you try to avoid really cold countries then Lisbon is definitely an option for you. Tourists tend to visit Portugal during summer because of the ocean, but they don’t get to enjoy the nice coffee places in the city, beautiful monuments and amazing views. Here are my recommendations during your stay in Lisbon:

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