Beauty without Bunnies| Cruelty-Free Guide

Since March 2013 that the testing of cosmetics and toiletry products on animals has been banned in the UK. The sale of cosmetics whose ingredients have been tested on animals has also been banned across the European Union.


But unfortunately, in some countries – China, for example – it is compulsory for any company that sells cosmetics to pay for the products to be tested on animals. This means that some companies that have been cruelty-free for years have turned their backs on their ethical policies and have started testing on animals in order to reach these lucrative developing markets.

So for us in the UK and elsewhere in Europe that still have an important ethical choice to make when buying cosmetics, it’s important not to ignore it. Even though your MAC lipstick might look amazing on Instagram feed, you might not know exactly what you are supporting by sharing such a product.

I did my research when it comes to companies that don’t support animal testing and I believe that with a bit of guide we can all find alternatives.

Just click here to see PETA US’ international list of companies which you can be sure don’t test on animals, and you can shop with a clear conscience.

I also made a selection of beauty products that you might be interested on and you might replace for the ones you are currently using. Just click on this post image and it will show you prices and links.


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