Un jour à Paris| Mission pain au chocolat

I know this is one of the many posts about Paris I wrote this year, but Paris is the kind of city that has a lot to say and every time I visit I found new places that I need to share with you.

Places such as the typical restaurant “Le départ de Saint Michel” very closed to Notre Dame Cathedral, where I had a very delicious “table à fromages”, the typical french cheese plate. But I would definitely advise you to avoid their spaghetti bolognese, especially without the parmesan cheese. And also, avoid looking too much at the prices, but hey, it’s Paris and you don’t go there very often.

The weather was incredibly cold, even from someone that lives in England. But it was sunny and having a walk along the seine is always a must!

We avoided the eiffel tower this time. It’s not like you can’t see it from everywhere in the city. But we were more interested in seeing the Christmas decorations on all the stores up until the Champs Elysées.

After pondering for a few seconds if we should wait in the queue to try a macaron at La Durée, we gave up and went to the coffe place right next to it where I had one of the most expensive hot chocolates ever. And it wasn’t as good as the ones you can buy at Costa’s, but c’est Paris! And it’s always a pleasure to come back. 

That upgrade to first class on the Eurostar train back home also helped a lot!


For more restaurants, hotels’ recommendations or any tips e-mail me at travelwithgoldleash@gmail.com and get your digital travel guide from Paris, France.


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3 thoughts on “Un jour à Paris| Mission pain au chocolat

  1. Paris is always a good idea.. For photography or leisurely walk from notre dame to louvre along the seine, eating chocolate crepe near eiffel Tower or exploring museums… I hated that city, but she made me love her… Nice pictures


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