5 Apps that make blogging easier

Organisation is the key to perfection and apps are the key to make your life easier and give you extra time to do other important things, such as eating and sleeping, you know…

I decided to share 5 very useful apps that make blogging an easier and practical process.



Why spend money on a more expensive plan just so you can have more space for content on your blog? Today you have so many external online drives that allow you to upload images and videos and share it on your blog without having to use the limited space that your website host provides you. Photobucket is my favourite to upload images and photographs that I want to use on my posts.

Vsco Cam

Because no one wants to see a series of your selfies on Instagram or just too many food photos in a row, Vsco Cam is the perfect app to not only edit your photographs before uploading them on Instagram, but also helps you creating a grid with all the photos and gives you an idea of how it will look once you upload them all on your Instagram profile. And if you use filters, at least you don’t need to stress out if that specific photo goes well with the rest of your feed. I know the struggle! I just ended up not using filters at all. So now, all I need to stress about is light. No biggie!

Snapchat & Instagram stories

I still know a lot of bloggers who spend a lot of their time recording snaps and instead of using those snaps on Instagram stories, they just spend more time recording Instagram stories afterwards. Nobody got time for that! Besides, everyone knows that Snapchat has the best filters ever and Instagram stories have the best text fonts so why not combine the two of them? Record your video in any app you want (Snapchat for example). Save it to your phone and you just need to upload it on the other app (Instagram in this case). I know it looks logical but not everyone though about it yet.


I’m going to be honest with you, I always used Tumblr as my source of inspiration since day one of blogging. I just love that community and the type of people who are part of it. But a few weeks ago I started using Pinterest to search for images for future posts and even for home decor ideas! Create an account and open a few albums. You can choose to have them private or public.


Bloggers like to follow other bloggers and to get to know other people’s work. I learned so much by reading and following other bloggers, some more experienced than me, but also from beginners. Everyone has something important to bring to the community and Bloglovin is the best place to share your posts with other bloggers, to read other blogs and to get constructive feedback.


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