10 things I have learned moving to England

I’ve been living in England for one year now and, even though I’m still discovering this big island, I already learned quite a few things about the culture.


1. The Pub becomes your second  house.

If it’s your friend’s birthday you go to the pub, if it’s the final of the European cup you’ll be at the pub. If you’re friend just arrived from Denmark and you haven’t seen her in a long time, you’ll meet at the pub. People still create Facebook events asking “Where should I celebrate my birthday this year?” Waste of time! You know we’ll be at the pub anyways.

2. Sun is a freaking blessing

This summer we had almost 6 weeks of sunshine. They called it an anomaly here. Everyone was so happy and they all headed to the beach. Well I didn’t, it was still cold for me and no way I’m going on that freezing ocean, but it was still nice to see everyone so enthusiastic!

3. Everyone wants to travel

Something that I noticed since day one is that the majority of people in England enjoy travelling and getting to know about new cultures. They are always thinking about their next destination. Saving money for travelling it’s a thing! And I couldn’t agree more!

4. Bread isn’t bread anymore.

It is just not a priority for them as much as it is for portuguese people for example, where we have bread for breakfast, lunch, dinner, bread with soup, bread with bread, etc. It’s not as much of “a thing” in here and I still struggle a lot with this.

5. Coffee isn’t coffee anymore either!

If you enjoy strong good coffee itself, forget about it! Go for a Latte, a Cappuccino or everything else that can be added to your coffee because coffee is not coffee anymore. But I promise you, those cappuccinos are insanely delicious!

6. Celebrations become CELEBRATIONS

First day of October and Halloween decorations are everywhere! Second day of November and no more witches, spiders or skulls, everything disappears and turns into Christmas decorations! Celebrations are so important for english people, that it was bonfire night on the 5th of November and my friends got so shocked because I decided to stay at home since it was so cold outside! “It happens once in a year!”- they kept saying. I promise to visit plenty of Christmas markets instead.

7. Can I offer you some tea?

Expect to be offered tea in any eventuality. Celebrations, rainy days, sunny days and everything in between all call for a “good cuppa”. Also be prepared to discuss as to whether the milk or tea should be poured first.

8. Stand on the right

I believe you value your life, so please, stand on the right when you step on an escalator. If you want to walk up or down, stick to the left. You’ll learn quick!

9. Pronunciation is important

You’d better get familiar with words like“Worcestershire”, “Marylebone” and “Gloucester”. Especially if you don’t want to get ripped off by a taxi in London!

10. Burgers come straight from heaven

I have never tasted burgers as delicious as the ones you can have at any british pub, or anywhere in England actually. If you’re not sure what to have, you can never go wrong by ordering a burger!

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