Bucharest|Carturesti Carusel

If you follow me on Instagram you know by now that the moment I found out about this bookstore I became obsessed. I started posting photographs, telling everyone about it and even visiting it more than once.

 photo IMG_6168_zps3vz4usec.jpg

 photo IMG_6102_zpskc82pamm.jpg

 photo IMG_6099_zps7rszukaj.jpg

This is simply the most beautiful bookstore I have ever been to. It has a small bistro and cafe on the top floor that allows you to enjoy a warm cappuccino (my first time) or a delicious lemonade ( my second time since I had to show it to my friend), while enjoying  reading a book or just relaxing while listening to jazz.

 photo IMG_6105_zpsaa9s6o47.jpg

 photo IMG_6248_zpsctofyp8e.jpg

 photo IMG_6110_zpshqxincv5.jpg

 photo IMG_6162_zpsf6avjubv.jpg

 photo IMG_6165_zpsw42ctgrr.jpg

It’s very easy to get lost inside this place, but lost in a good way. You have so many little corners to explore, so many sections, books, art, etc, that you can spend an entire day inside.

 photo IMG_6096_zpsonlxdtye.jpg

 photo IMG_6249_zps5m5ct4l3.jpg

I kept telling myself how I wish I had something like this closer to my house. It would be perfect for England winter days!

Visit Carturesti Carusel’s website here.

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