Bucharest| Acuarela Bistro

Last month I had the chance to spend a week in Bucharest, Romania. I always like to do my little research on places to visit before going to a new city and this Bistro was already on my list!

 photo IMG_6172_zpspbzqn7ec.jpg

 photo IMG_6174_zpstuwbdhw0.jpg

After a morning of walking around in town and visit as much as possible in a very short period of time, it was time to relax and get something to eat.

 photo IMG_6173_zps6irsnocr.jpg

 photo IMG_6182_zps7zhumerq.jpg

Acuarela is a very alternative place. It’s decorated like a cozy and pretty home with plenty of different colours. The open terrace is also very creative with umbrellas as a roof and doors as tables.

 photo IMG_6197_zpsrcjfhzca.jpg

I ordered a lovely lemonade with a delicious Haloumi Burger while enjoying the nice background music from Jazz to Bossa Nova along with the calm atmosphere.

 photo IMG_6185_zpstvu7xyak.jpg

 photo IMG_6190_zps9j61wckt.jpg

I had my “acuarelas” at the table where I was sitting and a lot of people choose to make a few paintings while waiting for their food. I was so impressed and focused on the decoration that I didn’t even see the time pass by and once I realized, my food was already on the table.

 photo IMG_6180_zpsf8ognvid.jpg

 photo IMG_6178_zps3rbomzsz.jpg

This is definitely a place that I recommend for your next trip to Bucharest. I went just by myself but it’s also perfect to be with the company of friends and family. Oh and it’s dog friendly! Definitely going back during summer time!

Visit Acuarela’s website here.

For more restaurants, hotels’ recommendations or any tips e-mail me at travelwithgoldleash@gmail.com and get your digital travel guide from Bucharest, Romania.


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